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September 16th 2009
Published: September 16th 2009
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She's FoxyShe's FoxyShe's Foxy

This little fellow popped his head up as I was walking to the beach. Split second photo's while you're walking tend to turn out blurry when you're in a hurry...but there is a fox in there!

We went into a tourist information centre in Nova Scotia just across the border of New Brunswick where one of the lady’s told us we should go to PEI ( Prince Edward Island ) via The Confederation Bridge as it is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. So we jumped in the vehicle and headed towards the 12 mile long bridge. The bridge is actually the largest bridge in the world that runs over ice. It still has mixed emotions with the locals who live on the island as now it opens up their little island for everyone where prior to the bridge the only way over was via plane or car ferryl It took us over 10 minutes to cross and cost us $47 for the pleasure. Once we got to the island we then got a map of the island and decided to head north to Cavendish where there seemed to be some spectacular beaches. All of the beaches are provincial parks and there is a fee to enter if you want to see them between 9am & 6pm. So obviously, we only want to see the beaches after 6pm, hey we are on a budget. So
The red red sandy beach of PEIThe red red sandy beach of PEIThe red red sandy beach of PEI

The earth and beach have a reddish hue to them which is quite unusual and pretty.
to kill some time we drove around Cavendish, used the internet and then decided to have a nice seafood meal in North Rustico at Fishermans Whalf. We were so hungry when we arrived that we decided to start at the salad bar whilst our meals were being cooked. This was a big mistake!! When our meals finally came out we were so stuff with salad that I couldn’t eat all of the seafood on my plate. I had to get a doggy bag. So with our belly’s full, we headed to the beach to find a lovely campsite. Right on the beachfront there was these shelters built that had a few tables and a little camper fire oven. So we reversed the truck under the shed which was in good time as it started to rain. When we got up the next morning, we drove along the beach, I found somewhere to have a shower and Scott went and got some photos of the beach and a lobster cage that had washed up on the beach.

PEI is famous for quite a few things. Their potatoes, Anne of Green Gables; Lobsters and where the decision for Canada to
Sea for FreeSea for FreeSea for Free

This is what Penny and I got to see after waking up after a wild camping night. Beautiful view of PEI's red dirt cliffs running along the coast.
unite as a country back in 1864 in Charlottetown. As we were in the birth place we had to go to the Founders Hall and have a look around. You start the tour in a time machine and work you way through on a self guided tour through history. It was quite neat learning a bit about the Canadian history, I am sure that Scott even learnt a few things about his country that he didn’t know. After the tour we raced over to the other side of the island to try and catch the 12:30 car ferry to Nova Scotia. I have to say that there is some FAGANISM at play here. I truly believe if Scott had not emailed his cousin Brian in Scotland the day before we would have not had this bad luck! Anyway, we make it to the ferry just in time, only to be told that the ferry had unfortunately had some unexpected engine failure and there will be no ferry until a few more hours. As you can imagine, I knew straight away that Scott had done something or said something. We always have problems when we travel. Yep! Brian Fagan! So anyway,
To see to seaTo see to seaTo see to sea

There are some beautiful beaches all along the east coast, this one on PEI was a beach combers paradise with all sorts of detritus washed up.
after a few hours we did manage to get on the car ferry and make our way to Nova Scotia. So we bid our farewells to the flatlands of Prince Edward Island.

Additional photos below
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The Great EscapeThe Great Escape
The Great Escape

This little Lobster trap had a tear in the side of it, so hopefully a crafty lobster man organised a jail break to get his fellow lobbies out of the trap!
All washed upAll washed up
All washed up

All of this stuff washed up on the shore, it was very pretty. The shell on the left was super shiny!

This old red brick building seemed to scream PEI at me. It was old, it was red, and it was on Charlotte St!!
Let's do the time warp Let's do the time warp
Let's do the time warp

Pen and I took a stroll through time learning about confederation, the union of some of Canada's provinces to form Canada. It was very interesting, and should help Penny when she wants to become a fully licensed Canuck.
Who's that man?Who's that man?
Who's that man?

Penny getting cozy with Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonald.
The Confederation BuildingThe Confederation Building
The Confederation Building

This is the confederation building where they documented the building of confederation. So seeing as it's rather important in the footnotes of Canadian History we thought we'd check it out. Especially as they promised to take us back in could we refuse?
More CoastMore Coast
More Coast

Evidence that things great and small wash up on shores worldwide.

5th November 2009

misleading info
I am not sure if this couple enjoyed their stay on PEI or not, but I don't think they left with a real picture of what PEI really has to offer. A couple of points of misinformation. Traveling by car to and from the island you have two choices, either the bridge or the ferry to Nova Scotia. this couple said it cost them $47 US$ to come onto the island, in fact it does not cost anything to come to the island either via the bridge or the ferry. You pay once when you leave. the cost of the bridge is approx $42 can and the ferry is $68 can. All the parks on PEI are not provincial parks. there are many provincial parks that are extremely well maintained and all provinical parks and beaches are FREE. there are also many, many beaches other than provincial parks that are FREE and easily accessed. PEI has two National Parks, one which is at Cavendish and the National Park do charge an entrance fee not just for the beach but the park in general. I welcome you to come visit PEI and see for yourself but do plan a week or more if you can so you can get a real sense of PEI culture and natural beauty.
6th November 2009

We did indeed enjoy our two days in PEI, it was quite pretty. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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