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May 31 Tuesday On the last day of May I drove out of Nova Scotia via the Confederation Bridge. I went first to the Masstown Market for breakfast and blogging time. Cheese on an English muffin with sausage and cheese plus coffee cost $6 …cheaper than Macs and just as good if not moresucculent. By the time I was finished publishing the place was filling up fast. Some people were having chowder for brunch. Highway 4 heads towards Amherst and then The Bridge. The getting was good until the van began making load grinding noises at every turn. Stopping at a gas station and asking for directions to the closest mechanic the van headed for Oxford. I was just a little more than worried and anxious. Finally found the garage. With great expectations I tried the ... read more
A Teapot Tree
Garden Centre at Masstown Market
Perfect P.E.I. View

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is famous for four things; potatoes, lobsters, golf courses, and Anne of Green Gables. Five things, if you include a giant bridge, but that is federal, and shared between two provinces. PEI is also Canada's smallest province - nowhere on the island did we find dramatic landscapes, vast tracts of wilderness or spectacular wildlife - but that's what gives PEI its magic... It's a quiet little island with a gentle land that's easy on the eyes and quite soothing, and quite different from the rest of the country. We spent a week at a nice B&B in the small town of Summerside. Aaron and Sarah were our wonderful hosts, and we were fed tasty and nutritious, breakfasts every morning with many homemade goodies. Summerside is fairly centrally located on the island, and ... read more
Chatting with John
The Flags
The Dunes

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside August 23rd 2015

We got up early this morning and sadly said goodbye to Prince Edward Island. In the stillness of the morning, PEI was more beautiful than ever. As we were packing up the car, we could see the trees in the distance sheathed in mist, only the tops peeking out. We drove past the rolling farmlands reflected in the stillness of the water, the cornfields and gabled houses, and vowed to come back to this magical place one day. Over the Confederation Bridge we went, back into New Brunswick and then Nova Scotia. We passed through beautiful Cape Breton which is actually an island. It is connected to mainland Nova Scotia by the rock-fill Canso Causeway. We were told by more than one Newfie that Cape Bretoners are just Newfies whose car broke down on the way ... read more
Driving onto the Argentia ferry
View from ferry coming into Newfoundland
St. John's

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside September 24th 2013

The “Meeting of the Waters” was the name of the geocache we were going for today. The reason for going to this one was that it happened to be at the very farthest point in PEI away from the cottage and it’s the location of WEICan Wind farm. Wind Energy Institute Canada allows wind generator manufacturers to test their windmills in real world conditions. They have an interpretive centre there for people to walk through and learn how windmills can be a viable alternative to fossil fuel powered generation plants. After going through the interpretive centre and picking up the geocache, we pointed the truck out at the ocean and ate lunch. We had a great view of 2 trawlers fishing just offshore. From there we headed se in a route back to the cottage picking ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside September 21st 2013

We loaded up the truck and with some quick verbal directions made a quick dash out of Sydney with the goal of reaching the PEI ferry for the 13:00 departure. Two minutes later we’re already lost and for some reason the gps was not making any sense, seemingly making us go around in circles or down dead end streets. After mistaking the turn in 150 metres to a turn now and ending up going the wrong way on a one way street, We stopped and tried to get our bearings. Finally we head out on what we figure is a main road only to find it’s sent us on the slower path back out of Cape Breton again. Down the road, we figure we’ll save some time by taking the 216 across so we can meet ... read more

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Summerside September 9th 2013

Good thing it WAS a fun day at the Bay of Fundy because I've been waiting to use that blog title for a long time. When we lived in Anchorage, AK, many years ago I was fascinated by the amazing tides in Cook Inlet and by the fact that they were the second biggest tides in the world. Since then I have wanted to see the place that ranks as number one, the Bay of Fundy. We entered the Hopewell Rock exploration area in New Brunswick as soon as it opened at 9 AM and stayed for over four hours. When we got there it was low tide and we could walk a couple of hundred yards to the water's edge. Hard to believe that we were entertained for over four hours watching the tide come ... read more
Hopewell Rocks, Bay of Fundy
Bay of Fundy
Bay of Fundy

31 July, 2013 It was foggy yesterday morning, so we weren’t in a big hurry to get going. Bob and Gena came over (all the way from next door) and we ate bacon and blueberry pancakes. The blueberries were from their wild blueberry plants in Florida. Then we headed out for a day of sightseeing on Prince Edward Island. We drove west on Highway 2 to Portage, then took Hwy 12, the North Cape Coastal Drive. We stopped at Northport on the Gulf of St. Lawrence to see the lighthouse there. We spotted a lighthouse and drove over. Unfortunately, it was a fake lighthouse next to the community center, but we got some nice pictures of the harbor, in spite of the fog. We finally spotted the real lighthouse just visible through the fog and got ... read more
Northport Light
North Cape Light
Wind Turbines

Day 5: Late start from Houlton, ME as we were only expecting about a 4 hr drive. When we stopped on the way out of the campground to dump the holding tanks, I found that the top wouldn't go up more than about 2 inches at a time - - even with the truck running at a high idle. Did manage to get it up high enough to get the sewer hose out of its storage place and dump the tank. Went straight to the grocery store to provision and then to Walmart for a new battery. Sure, enough when we put it on the Battery tester, it had at least one bad cell. So about $75 later, we had a new battery installed and it seems to be working correctly. Finally got on the road ... read more
Leaving Houlton, ME
World's Longest Covered Bridge
Same Bridge from East end

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