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Day 6-7: Yea! We are headed out on our own for a 2-day road trip. A big circle starting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, up through Prince Edward Island, down into New Brunswick and back to Halifax. The day started out cloudy, rainy, with fog on the bays. Turned out the private limo from the Westin to the airport was $10 less than a cab so, no decision here. Eli, our driver is 52, lived in Halifax his whole life, and regaled us with a lot of history of the area. As we passed an unusually large IKEA, Eli gave us his opinion of our President and his hopes that he will be out and this "craziness" will end soon. The airport is about 30 minutes north of downtown Halifax. The roads all over Canada are wonderful ... read more
Low Tide Hopewell Rocks
Bay of Fundy National Park
Moose Sighting

North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island » Charlottetown September 27th 2018

Prince Edward island img= 1:03 Prince Edward island, Canada 9 2018 1 view2 days ago... read more

We got a 9:00 am start to our day on Friday. We were headed to Prince Edward Island for the weekend. After a 5-hour drive, we arrived at our accommodations. Our plans for the evening were to head in for a bite and then onto the Confederation Centre of the Arts to see a production of Jesus Christ Super Star. This was the first time I had seen a theater production and Gene’s 2nd of this particular one (first one 43 years ago). 😉 We had appetizers and beer at the Hopyard. Nice apps & beer, but the music was a little loud. I guess I’m officially getting older. After dinner we were headed to the performance. It was really amazing. The singers/actors were excellent. We had really nice seats that were quite comfortable. After the ... read more
Confederation Bridge
Charlottetown street
NS-PEI car ferry

As we came into port the coastline was lined with people as this was the maiden voyage a Disney cruise ship has berthed in PEI. We were extremely lucky to dock at the wharf this morning as the tide was very low. Thankfully Captain Mickey decided to take a chance. There was a small delay for going ashore as they had to modify the gangways this meant our onboard time was extended by 1 hour ... more shopping time for us. I’d booked us onto a private Anne of Green Gables tour with Harry through Duncan’s Tours. We were greeted by a Canadian Mounty and a Anne Shirley lookalike as we came ashore. We located Harry in the Cruise Terminal, which was full of shops with a craft market. As we headed out of town Harry ... read more

This morning we returned to the “Land of Anne of Green Gables”. I made sure a spelled “Anne” with an “E” because it is “Shirley” the way that she would have wanted it; and, certainly the way that Sharon would have insisted on it. Once upon a time when she was a “Casey”, “Anne” (with an “E”) was her middle name. To this day she insists that that is the proper spelling. We didn’t rise in time to check out the magnificent red soil on the shores of Prince Edward Island. We did catch breakfast in the Lido and I settled for scrambled eggs and patty sausage because that was the quickest. I’ll have to search for the muesli when I have the time to walk all around the Lido. Sharon partook of a waffle. Back ... read more

Prince Edward Island 25 to 28 August 2016 We were really looking forward to visiting Prince Edward Island (known as PEI) as I had read so much about this pretty island and Canada's only island province. It is the smallest province by both area and population, but is also the most densely populated province. To get to PEI we had to drive over the monumental Confederation Bridge, which is almost a visitor attraction in and of itself, crossing the Northumberland Strait between New Brunswick and PEI. It stretches 13 kilometres across open water to the island. Crossing the bridge takes approximately 10 minutes and is open 24 hours a day. We paid $46.50 toll which is collected on the PEI side we returned to the mainland. After driving over the bridge we stopped at the Gateway ... read more
Confederation & Art Centre Charlottetown PEI (4)
Eastern PEI (2)
Bottle House eastern PEI (1)

Geo: 46.2365, -63.1282We left our hotel in Charlottetown at 8:35 AM and 72 degrees and headed off to the east side of the island. As was the case in previous days, we had to navigate manually. I am not sure if the data base in the GPS is as bad as it seems or whether it is the satellite connection up here that is not good. But, for someone who made a career designing ways to use the newest computer technologies, it is hard for me to accept doing things the way things have been done for hundreds of years, but it is what it is.So off we went, map on my lap. The weather today was wonderful, in the mid 70's and sunny. We chased the harbors along the coast following narrow and oft times ... read more
Cape Bear, PEI
Cape Bear, PEI
Cape Bear PEI

Geo: 46.2365, -63.1282Today was moving day. We checked out of our hotel in New Glasgow and headed for Prince Edward Island for 2 days. We left at 8:20 and 68 degrees and headed west after studying the maps, arguing with Miss GPS and deciding that the only way to get where we were going, the way we wanted to get there, was to use the map and the road signs, so that is what we did. And for the most part, we did quite well, only missing a turn twice all day. We took the scenic route on the north side of Nova Scotia to the Confederation Bridge that spans the Northumberland Straight. It is 13 km or about 8 miles long and takes about 12 minutes to cross. There was no toll going over, but ... read more
French River

Geo: 46.2365, -63.1282Sunny and warm! Then a near-tropical squall!We woke earlier than expected, so we checked email until brekkies at 9am. Deicious frittata and homemade scones. Then we got our stuff together at drove to Prince Edward Island National Park. Our first plan stopped was closed for trail repair, and this turned out to be a good thing … so we went on to Greenwich, which was highly recommended by the AAA guide and did the Dunes Walk. It was wonderful … through the old homestead farmland, then through a second-growth forest, to a older white birch forest (in the next stage of recovery from farming), then to a large pond with a long floating boardwalk, then over the dunes to the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous out – perfectly clear, perfect breeze. Wildlife was limited, ... read more
Greenwich Dune Trail
Greenwich Dune Trail
Greenwich Dune Trail

Geo: 46.2365, -63.1282Overcast, then rainy, then really rainy, then sunnyI slept in until almost 9am! I was so thrilled! We checked out shortly afterwards, then drove to Cinnamon Soul dinner for breakfast and coffee (and a cinnamon roll). Then we drove up to Dune la Bouctouche and the Irving Eco-Center. This is one of the few surviving dunes in east coast north America. It was very grass-covered, but we enjoyed the boardwalk along the beach, despite the rain. We walked partially back on the beach, which was covered at the tide line with sponges and shells. Because of the rain, most of the birds were hiding, but we did see two blue herons.Then we drove a long way. We stopped in a small town with a giant lobster for lunch – we had chili at Tim ... read more
Bouctouche Dunes boardwalk near Irving Eco Centre
Bouctouche Dunes boardwalk near Irving Eco Centre
Bouctouche Dunes near Irving Eco Centre

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