Prince Edward Island

Published: June 11th 2017
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Geo: 46.2388, -63.1265

We awoke to thick fog again this morning as we made our way downstairs to a sumptuous breakfast provided by our hosts.Then as we got on the road to see some more of the island it fined up nicely to a blue sky day. We covered most of the eastern part of the island which is the largest part and contains most of the attractions. Travelling along the coast we stopped at an inlet where there was a walkway down to the water and where there were fishermen gathering oysters from out in the waterway. We continued on, visiting one of the beaches which is a popular swimming beach in the summer but is closed at the moment with the walkway to the steep incline to the beach pulled up. There was a lookout at the rangers centre which looked out over the coast and marshy area which led out to the beach. Lots of birds where flitting around in the bush and there was a rabbit in the bush just near the walkway. The water was very calm but the beach being brown sand did not compare to our beaches in Perth.

Driving on through the pretty countryside with its many white painted and steepled churches we came to a vodka distillery where we stopped to have a yarn with the young owner who gave us a few more places of interest to visit. She also gave us a taste of her lovely crisp tasting blueberry vodka which unfortunately only came in large bottles too big to bring home. We also tried the potato vodka which had an unusual taste but was not really to my liking.

We contiued on to the lighthouse at the most eastern point which proclaimed itself to be 'the end and the beginning of the world'. There are many lighthouses on the island, as you can imagine, and they are all painted red and white and most are historic.
We visited one which was near the islands main shipping port at Souris and then had a gigantic icecream at a little food truck type stand there. I have never seen an icecream that big, it must contained about half a litre of icecream and you would never be able to eat one in the summer without it dripping all down your arm. Needless to say, it was delicious!

Overall we covered a great deal of the island yesterday and today and have seen pretty much all the points of interest. There are a great many beautiful golf courses interspersed among the giant brown potato fields. Potatoes are the main industry on the island and they pride themselves as having the worlds best tasting potatoes because of the iron in the soil. The soil is indeed very fertile and I think you could grow just about anything here. There were fields of Tulips where you can go and pick your own and the blueberries which grow wild are incredibly tasty. Not like the tasteless imported things we get at home.
The other night at our hotel in Woodstock the lady who was serving at the bar treated us to some blueberry dessert that she had made and it was excellent.

The landscape is dotted with rivers and lakes, just like the New England area in the US and the farmhouses are two story and very pretty. The people are all very friendly and love to talk to you and promote their island. It is a very pleasant place to visit.
There are numerous restaurants and the main food is seafood with lobsters in season at the moment, much to Ross' delight. We ate at a restaurant last night that was recommended to us by the lady at Woodstock and it was very good and the waitress was a delight. Some of the restaurants and motels in Canada and the US treat you like you are old friends and we have had some very memorable experiences.

The B & B we are staying at is in a beautiful old house like so many in Charlottetown but I didn't take a photo of it because they were having the roof repaired and there was scaffolding on the front of the house. The two ladies that run it are exeptional hosts and have decorated the place very tastefully. It's no wonder they had rave reviews on Trip advisor.

NB: Poutine is the national food of Canada and consists of french fries topped with cheese and gravy. It's quite disgusting in its usual form but the lobster one had a white sauce with bits of lobster in it so didn't look quite so revolting.

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25th May 2014

The beer looks good, not too sure about the poutine...I'm back in Oz, by the way. The people are all pretty decent in Houston but I wouldn't want to live there.

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