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October 5th 2015
Published: October 1st 2017
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We had an interesting breakfast conversation with two couples (one from Oklahoma and one from Ohio). We all agreed that we should avoid politics and religion, but, somehow, we ended up talking about how the Republican candidates were bringing church back into state. It was all very friendly, however … one person, who had worked for federal government for years, suggested that Obama and his pack of wealthy friends wanted to keep control, so they were using the Justice Dept to attack Hillary, and, after she resigns, Biden will enter the race. Hmmm.

Around 11am, after the long breakfast, we checked out and drove up to the Falls. We parked in our usual location and walked down to see the Falls. They never pale, but we didn't linger. It was overcast, but humid. We carried our coats and felt muggy.

We called the Whirlpool Customs agent by telephone to see if we could use our Global Entry cards to cross Whirlpool Bridge. He said that Global Entry cards could be used in Nexus sites, but that people who cross Whirlpool Bridge have to add money to their card to pay the toll. He said we could try it, and, if it didn't work, just leave. So we tried it – and it didn't work. Fortunately, there was a little "escape" so we didn't have to reverse to leave the lane. And no one was behind us, so we were good there, too.

So we crossed Rainbow Bridge. We were able to drive right up to the immigration kiosk, so there were no delays.

We found a place to lunch near the airport and had way too much food (but we figured it was our last meal of the day). Paul took a call and worked but managed to eat at the same time. I answered email.

Then to Buffalo – flight was on-time. I was upgraded … which was fine until the man sitting next to me, holding a baby in his lap, asked the boy, “How do you swing a bat? Show me how you swing!” … at which point, the boy swung his arm, hit the man's Sprite, and knocked it onto my seat. Most of it missed me, thank goodness, but I was still more sticky than I wanted. And I'm also glad I just had my phone out, reading, instead of my laptop.

We landed on time in Chicago and went briefly to the Club. Then to our flight, which also departed on time. I worked until my computer died, then I did puzzles. We arrived a few minutes early. I got the bags while Paul got the car. There was bad traffic getting onto the bridge because two lines were closed. We arrived home around 11:15pm. We had to wake Gruden to get him to greet us with whining.

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