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June 20th 2010
Published: June 20th 2010
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Getting Ready
Day 3 & 4 Sunday May 30 & Monday May 31
We had breakfast at the Scandanavian Home Society in ThunderBay. It was a Sunday Fundraiser. Their breakfast of Scandanavian Pancakes and Sausage relieved our hunger and hangover while replenishing their Church Coffers.
After a short detour to Sunshine Baits - 614 West Frederico St., Thunder Bay ( -
we then headed north to Lake Nipgon. After having lunch at Pisspoint we stopped to buy licences and gas in Beardmore. In Jellicoe they had a wonderful T-Shirt, “Confidience is the feeling you have before you fully understand the situation”.
We stayed at Pennocks in Nakinia, a very comfortable Motel. Nakinia is the home of the fighting Mosquitos. It is also the place where the road goes to die. We ate at the new restraurant (& only) in the old depote. It was a very good meal.
The numbers winters were Tom (TIII), Johnboy & The Rookie. For this honor they paid for supper.
We then continued our political discussions and renewed our efforts to reduce the liqour weight.

Day 4 Monday May 31
We also had breakfast at the restraurant. Chuck (dawgfish) and Jim (The Rookie) won the numbers game.

Lake Onaman
We took off a little after 10 AM & arrived at Onamen Lake a little before 11 AM. We finished unpacking by 3 PM and started the card games, political discussions and begin our assault on the beer supply provided by the outfitter, Mike Bauer. The Frog declined the offer to reserve a case of beer but was generous in his willingness to consume. Mike’s web site is Lake Onaman is a large lake (28,000 acres) and Mike is a real conservationist. He has a drawning for a free trip every year. If you buy a conservation licence (2 walleyes and 2 Northens) he puts your name in the drawing 3 times. If you buy a regular licence, your name goes in once. Lake Onaman is a conservation lake and does not open until June 1.


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