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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 27th 2017

Just as I'm finally getting accustomed to being caffeine-free, I get a call that says dad is in the hospital. Man, there's nothing quite as helpless as being in a foreign country when a family member is in crisis. That’s an inauspicious way to start a travel blog post, but there you have it. Of course that spectre weights over the trip for the time being, but dad’s condition isn’t serious enough (I’m being told) to warrant completely cancelling the trip. For those curious, I have checked airfare from Toronto to Atlanta, and it’s $514 for any of the days that I’ll be on this trip. That’ll be a different story when I leave for Ottawa on Saturday. My flight back does leave from Ottawa, so if nothing major happens between now and Wednesday morning, there ... read more
Lots of fishes at the Ripley's Aquarium
Seahorses are probably my favorite sea creatures
They had a "Ray Bay" at the aquarium

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 26th 2017

Normally I try to do one post per day on these trips, but it has been basically non-stop since Tuesday morning. Alas, I'll combine two days for everyone! I’ve seen several museums in these two days, and that’s not typically my style. I may have already mentioned in a previous post about the Toronto Pass – it cost $60 (US) and it includes passes to several high-demand tourist sites in town. It also allows you to skip the lines. My first usage was at Casa Loma, and the pass proved its worth there immediately. I was told to get there before 11:00 to beat the crowds. After an obligatory stop at Canada’s own version of Dunkin Donuts – Tim Horton’s – for a smoothie and a red velvet muffin, I was on my way to be ... read more
Casa Loma is fantastic
The lord's bedroom at Casa Loma
The Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library on the U of T campus

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 13th 2017

On the morning we left Montreal, I found a five cent coin on the footpath. A little later I found another five cent coin. When we got to Toronto later that day, after an absolutely beautiful train ride, I found two more five cent coins (at two different locations). I’m not sure if that means anything. I figure that, if this keeps happening, I am making money on this trip! Having said that, after 10 weeks of travelling, I have lost all sense of just what it is I actually do in life. It seems that every day it is my lot to walk, a lot (I have been averaging about 20000 steps a day). Usually we go to visit famous, strange or exotic locations. When we get there, we look at things, find out information ... read more
The Eaton Centre
Brookfield Place
Toronto seen from the islands

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 5th 2017

We've got Daystar ready for living aboard. Now it's time to spend time with those we love.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 2nd 2017

So... 2 more sleeps and I will be off to Guatemala via a Panama City layover. Now if you have read previous entries from my travels to Guatemala, you will remember me and layovers are not always the best, but they do make for good fodder in the blog posts. I am flying with Copa Airlines and avoiding a stopover in the US, this makes me happy for various reasons; travel bans, presidents and an "all around ill-will" feeling permeating from there right now. Yes, I know never to judge a country by its president, but... I have decided to pare down my suitcase size this year and go with a backpack and a carry-on size suitcase, as finding a "lavanderia" is fairly easy in Guate. I am travelling for a few days to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala's ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 23rd 2017

Before last week I had never visited Canada before. America, yes – numerous times but Canada was never a country I ever really thought about visiting, until last week, when I stayed in the Canadian city of Toronto. Toronto is located in the south east of Canada, right on the border of their American neighbors. A hustling bustling city, Toronto is Canada’s most populous city and is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Toronto has gone through various changes throughout the years, before the Europeans arrived on Canada’s shores, the city of Toronto was inhabited by the native Iroquois. It was then owned by the British who renamed the city to ‘York’ before the battle of York in 1813 where they were defeated by t... read more
Picture taken from Ripley's aquarium

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto June 1st 2017

So it's been a while since I've been travelling as such, the last three years have been scuba diving holidays and for some reason unknown to myself I didn't blog !! However, today is the first day of a 20 day trip travelling the east coast of 🇨🇦 starting in Toronto. So after a lovely flight I travelled 45 mins to arrive at my homestay, where I was greeted by a lovely family, James, Jen and their two young sons. There are also 3 german girls who are studying to be teachers. My room is a cozy room on the third floor with a very comfy bed. When I arrived they were all sitting around the table playing hangman with Wyatt the eldest boy aged 6, so I "hung" out with them for a couple of ... read more
A wheelie bin of blood pumped in each heart beat
The skeleton
All you need is .......

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 26th 2017

This was our day actually spent in Toronto. We arrived at the Aga Khan Museum and were met by Farzana, a friend made in Calgary shortly before she left for her new Toronto job in major-gifts fundraising. The building is striking with straight lines and angles, which are emphasized by the large reflecting pools in the forecourt. Inside, the entrance opens into a big lobby built around an outdoor courtyard, fully enclosed by etched glass walls that both pattern the sky (steely white today) and drench the interior with light. Farzana took us up to the second floor where the special exhibits are, and we became mesmerized by url= Symphony: New Compositions in Sight and Sound. Music had been composed to conv... read more
Flying Carpet 1963 by Farhad Moshiri
Your Way Begins on the Other Side edited
Your Way Begins on the Other Side 2014 by Aisha Khalid

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 25th 2017

Today was oddly interesting, although several times we were lost in Ontario lake country. We left about 10:30 in heavy rain, consoling ourselves that we were only on the 401 Highway anyway. As we drove north through light industrial commerce, the rain lightened and gradually the view was of farms in their light green spring hues. We were successful in navigating around Peterboroughwithout going through the centre. The tree-lined fields gave a pleasant soft look to the countryside. With lighter rain we could see successive hills into the photogenic distance. At the town of Lakefield we actually took all the correct turns in spite of road names that did not correspond to the map and Water Street transforming into George Street that transformed into Lakefield Road. Fiel... read more
Interpretive displays informed me about Ojibwe.
Wood in spring
Canadian Shield

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto May 22nd 2017

Na een wat turbulente periode was het tijd voor een nieuw avontuur. Dit keer zou het Noord-Amerika worden, aankomst in Toronto en terrugkeren vanuit Vancouver. Wat er tussenin gebeurd is me nog een raadsel. Fietsmaat Dan zet me af in Zaventem en na 2 relatief vlotte vluchten met een tussenstop op Ijsland, kom ik aan In Toronto. De immigratie en bagageclaim gaat vlot en voor ik het weet sta ik buiten. Ik moet nog even wachten op men Warmshowershost Chris die me komt ophalen. Die heet me hartelijk welkom en vervolgens rijden we naar hem thuis, vlakbij de luchthaven. Ik kruip snel in bed om me snel aan te passen aan het nieuwe dag/nachtritme. De dag erna zet Chris met af aan een naburig winkelcentrum zodat ik wat essentials kan shoppen. Ik ga op zoek naar ... read more

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