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January 26th 2010
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Long Entry:

Best Christmas Gift ever
As soon as I found a job in London, I booked my ticket home for Christmas. I didn't tell my family (or anyone else for that matter), until about three weeks before I flew home. It was a happy surprise, let me tell you. All the weeks of dodging the inevitable question of “are you coming home for Christmas” were finally behind me, and I could start Christmas shopping.

I celebrated my London birthday 3 days before the actual day with my favourites at Wahaca, a mexican restaurant, walking distance from where I live.

On the 21st of December, I flew home, and avoided the (relative) onslaught of snow in London; a whopping few inches. Enough, in fact, for Londoners to be sent home early to avoid getting 'stuck' in central London. To us Canadians I think it was a case of 'flurries'.

After 4 months of being away from home, my first home, my TRUE home, I was coming back. I was excited to finally see my cousin and his family, especially my lovely God-daughter, Marian. Christmas is NOT the same if you're not around the ones you love.

I also spent some time with old work friends (only one knew I was coming back), and when I walked into the Jack Astor's to their table, I was met with a - “are you serious?”

Raf took a few seconds to re-group, because while it wasn't a surprise for me to be out drinking with them, it was a surprise for me to be at THAT particular outing because I told him I wasn't coming back for Christmas, and I also didn't reply to his “Happy birthday” email from the day before (which he was mad about)!

At home
The days before and after Christmas were spent sleeping in my own bed (Thanks sisters), who graciously gave me my bed to sleep in while she slept in my parents' room.

I got to spend time with Marian, who (fortunately) warmed up to me from Day 1 and I was Ninang M from that day forward. One of the smartest toddlers I've met (and I'm not just saying that because I love her, she really is), she remembers everything you say, and has the wit that will make you laugh for days! I'm truly blessed to be her Ninang.

3,2,1 - Happy New Year

I went to Las Vegas for NYE. I went with a few people from Toronto, I also saw B and Kristin who are from the US. The last time I saw them was two years ago when I went to Las Vegas with my sister.

Who are Brandon and Kristin? They're two friends I've met and known since the early 2000s during the days of early social networking. We've kept in touch throughout the years and have been friends ever since.

I was ID'd twice (Thank you!!!) when I tried to gamble. I mostly played roulette and slots winning no money, and spent a lot of time watching people play craps which looks like a fun game, but very fast paced so it makes me nervous to play it without researching about it first.

I also went with B to see the cirque du soleil show about the Beatles' songs, LOVE. I love Cirque du Soleil. I will try to see one every chance I get. There's one here in London called Varekai, I may try to see it one day.

NYE, we (Me, B, Rachelle, Marcel, Dale & Michael) spent at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone beside Planet Hollywood. We saw two different sets of fireworks while about 600 people stood on Las Vegas Boulevard watched with us.

NYE Videos:

NYE Video 2010 # 1

NYE Video 2010 # 2

The cab ride back to downtown Las Vegas was a different story, Rachelle & I ended up walking barefoot on the streets of Las Vegas because our shoes were too much after 4 hours!

The next day, I had dinner with Brandon, Kristin & Paris and then we all just drank til I had to catch my 6am flight back to Canada!

There's over 160 pictures from Christmas & New Year's. Enjoy. It took me ALL day to upload & resize.

Berlin Blog coming up.

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