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October 21st 2008
Published: October 21st 2008
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Hi everyone,
Report on 3 days in Toronto last week.
You must all be wondering what these 2 famous people in the headline have in common - well on a visit to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto I was able to see one of Marie Antoinette's gorgeous dresses and also Sitting Bull's war bonnet alongside other items of his clothing. The ROM is bringing items out of the Archives for certain periods of time giving us ordinary folks a chance to have a peek!!! There is always such a strange and wonderful feeling for me reaching back into history when you view something like this or stand by the grave of Wordsworth or the tomb of Napoleon . So thank you ROM. There has been some controversy in Canada over the building called The Crystal which has been built on to the existingold bldg of the ROM. It might not be to everyone's taste if they prefer "the old style" but it is a magnificent right angle in the building - thats hard to concieve. Soaring prisms and triangles abound and gives a huge amount of space and light for the displays - especially the dinosaurs. ( I think I am dino-ed out this holiday - having also been to the Tyrrell in Alberta). I was there for hours but still did not see everything - but had a good look at the First Nations, - some incredible totem poles which you view as you walk up the stairways - which were built around the poles, Dinosaurs- just blow you away when you see them, Textiles - the clothing and fabrics were so beautiful and think of the hours sewing and embroidering them - ; and European Style - this was nice a quick trip thru the ages with some nice rooms displaying furniture china and fashions of the day - a bit like walking through IKEA!!
So this visit took up a large part of one day , and I did a lot of walking round the streets rembering previous visits to Toronto, - City Hall, Trinity Square, Queens Park - Philosophers Walk thru University bldgs etc - and of course a visit to the Eaton Centre just to look at the shops and sit down and have some food. Suzanne has a lovley photo of Michael, Richie and I standing there with the Canada Geese flying above our heads ( not real ones )-taken last time we were there. I remember it well.
And the rest of the time in Toronto was made so special for me by meeting up with two lovely ladies from our Widows Website. We had been emailing for a while getting to know one another and arranged this transatlantic meet-up. At first we met for lunch on my first day there - in the Distillery District - a great place - renovated old industrial site with cobbled streets and lovely cafes, restos and shops. We got on so well that we coninued to meet up throughout the 3 days I was there.... met J's 2 lovely little girls, had a glass of wine and sat and chatted all one evening - J lives in the Beaches are so I got a chance to explore that part of Toronto which has really developed in the last 10 years. We then has had a day together down at the Waterfront and a lovely lunch. Then I met up again with E. and we had dinner in the Greek area of Toronto. So many thanks to them both for keeping me entertained and sharing their lives with me... great to make new friends and get on so well...BIG HUGS FOR THEM!!
And so at the end of the 3 days I rented a car and set off for the Kawartha Lakes area about 100 km north of Toronto. All this time the weather has beeen great - sunny blue skies, warm and the autumn colours of the trees everywhere is fabulous. Travelling east then north - I am driving past signs for Newcastle, Peterborough, Brighton, Hastings , Wooler, Paris - so many places named after the origins of the first settlers - it's quite funny as you drive along...and makes you feel at home!!!
So lots of driving round to see the lovely scenery and cute little towns and lovely lakes and gorgeous tree lined roads and lovely rocks - I stayed in a litttle place called Bobcaygeon ( Bob there are so many places named after you - Bobs Lake ,Bobs Creek ,Bobs River!!!) - lots of places closed down for the season -I had fancied a little cottage by a lake but ended up in a pretty basic motel - it was ok. Wandered the streets as the sun was setting over the lake and saw lots of folk going in to what looked like a little fish n chip shop - it was but also had a resto- so I thought "follow the locals" and had a nice fish dinner.
Next morning ( Saturda)- out to brekki in the local diner - cute little place with a 1960s look - eggs bacon hash browns and loads of coffee set me up for the day. Clear blue skies and sun shine again - how long could I keep this up I thought and off I set - where to next?

Alison and Ross - glad you enjoyed Hong Kong look forward to hearing all about it next week!!
Bob and Prill and Gordon and Lindsey(?)- have a good time on the Canals - hope you dont get stuck in any scarry tunnels...were you at Sawley marina...thats where we had a boat but just stayed put when we visited Richie at Notthm. Bob - you doing the usuual Bonfire Night celebrations ??
Suz - no luck on the Bear Paws yet.
Bye for now - be back soon.
Lv Lynne xx


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