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September 27th 2017
Published: October 3rd 2017
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The talk this morning gave us an overview of the common history of the American and the Canadian colonies. However, during the American Revolution (called the first American Civil War by Canadians), American Loyalists supported the king and many fled to Canada. The War of 1812 caused further friction and eventually caused the Canadian colonies to consider working together in a confederation for protection from the new U.S. Montreal merchants looking to expand their trade encouraged the Vancouver area and British Columbia to join the confederation. They promised that a transcontinental railroad would be built to connect the western population with the eastern provinces within ten years. It actually took 15 years, completed in 1885. Historians believe that this railroad, connecting the two population centers through the mountains and almost empty plains, was what finally made Canada a country.

Lunch and the rest of the day was scheduled as free time. The three of us walked through one of the Chinatowns, eating lunch at Yueh Tong as recommended by a city councilman we met as we were reading a map. We spent the afternoon at the Art Gallery of Ontario with a great collection of Canadian art -- I finally saw paintings by Emily Carr, also the Group of Seven. The museum is a Frank Gehry building, full of interesting walkways, windows, a winding staircase down. Dinner was at an elegant Thai restaurant.


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3rd October 2017

Fun in Chinatown
Is Chinatown there much different than San Francisco's? They are always fun and good food to enjoy!
3rd October 2017

Chinatown in Toronto
There are five in Toronto and have a mixture of many types of Asian shops, restaurants spread among many blocks. San Francisco's is much more focused.

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