The countdown begins once again.

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September 14th 2011
Published: October 1st 2011
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The countdown begins once again for my eventual departure, from Sudbury and from Canada, and my return to China. The nation that i have grown to love and understand. With so many wondrous sites to behold and so many places to see and experience, I am looking to experience them. My goal this time around is to see the vastness of the area in the northern area of China.
I must admit being back in Canada seeing family and friends that I have not seen in ages, seeing the new people in their lives. The loves they have fostered and family that they have created has given me a renewal of faith sort of speak. That the world isn't a dark and desolate place as I once thought it was. But I am envious of those that are married and have a family, that they have found their love and built a family with that one special person. Yes it is a given that being able to travel the world to see the wonders, and the different sites and cultures and view points on life is exciting and new. But at times lonely, but look at me i am getting off track and rambling. Anyways, i am looking forward to being back in China, seeing the friends I have made, and to prove that one special person that awaits me in China that I am the one she is looking for. That my heart only beats for her, and that every night that I go to sleep I see her face, and every morning I wake up i see her face.


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