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North America » Canada » Ontario » Smiths Falls December 12th 2021

Even in winter, the nature reserve “Limerick Forest” delighted our eyes with endless vistas of tall and tumbled trees along a leaf-strewn path. Incidental sheets of thin ice crackled under-foot, some just deep enough to wet the toes of our shoes, but easily avoided. My niece and great-nieces brought me to this still woodland for exercise and fresh air. Slightly frozen puddles drew their two dogs, Quiche and Newt, into the ecstasy of wet skin, further scrubbed by vigorous rolling in patches of thin snow. The animals’ unbridled joy burst into super-sonic races amongst the trees, terminating in playful, noisy tussles. Daunted only by being placed on leashes when their barking became hysterical, they forgave and forgot the moment freedom was restored. View the video. A boardwalk carried us over the delicate ma... read more
Otter eating fish
Limerick Forest
Snow melt pond in the trees

North America » Canada » Ontario » Smiths Falls August 10th 2013

After a couple of days rest at Gary and Louise's house, we are doing a small portion of the Rideau Canal lock system. The first night, we were at Lower Brewers. Gary and I went swimming. The next morning, we had a nice breakfast, then started paddling. I had some troubles, but I pulled through. We saw a swing bridge. It was really cool, a quarter of it came out towards us so we could pass. At that point, I was super tired, and so we stopped for lunch. Then we continued to Jones Falls, where we stopped after a 15 km kayak ride. Instead of camping, we had a room in a mini cabin. We made the right choice, because it rained in the morning, and all day for that matter. But we paddled through ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Smiths Falls July 14th 2012

Time for a new adventure. I'm off to swim with dolphins for a week and am really looking forward to this new adventure. The timing may not be the best with my recent move of my house from the city to the country, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Check out the location and company that offers this trip at this link: I may not be able to blog from Bimini, but will give an update when I can.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Smiths Falls February 20th 2012

Well we are home. What a difference.... here we have running tap water that we can actually just put a glass under and then drink. When you have a shower you do not have to be so careful about not taking in any water. When you go to the toilet you can flush the paper down. So many things we take for granted. The clean air we breath, the fact that we are conscious of litter and we have a recycle program, we have a place to take out garbage and it does not just litter the landscape. We live in a very beautiful country with many social program to assist those who need them, we can go to bed at night and feel safe and secure in our homes. We cook on an electric stove ... read more

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