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September 7th 2012
Published: September 8th 2012
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Hello All!

So we've made it to Sault Ste Marie! We are right in between Lake Huron and Lake Superior in Ontario. We've spent most of the past two days in the car and have seen a lot of Ontario, which is gorgeous. Lots of lakes and farmland. We've passed through tons of cute little towns. Yesterday morning we left Montreal and had no problems finding our way out of the city. Hit a little traffic, but nothing big. We made our way to the main highway that goes west (Route 17). We'll be on this road through Thunder Bay.

So, on the road outside of Montreal, probably the most exciting thing that happened along our route came about. We were driving along, and I was looking at the map when Ang started yelling and freaking out. I looked up, and there was a small black bear was running across the road in front of the car. Ang screamed at me to get the camera. I didn't come close to finding it before the bear was gone. This was Ang's first bear sighting ever. The bear was later named Stevie Bear, for reasons most of you know. This was immediatly after we made a bet to try and guess how many bears we would see along our travels (Ang-2 Me-5). Was nice to see some Canadian wildlife.

So after about 6.5 hours in the car, we made it to the campground right outside North Bay. We pulled in, and found that the park office and store were both closed. We put our cash into the after hours envelope and picked a campsite. At that point, we figured we were a bit high and dry without firewood, so we dropped our gear at the site, and I stayed there and set up camp while Ang drove back to town to buy firewood. She made it back in about 45 minutes and we made some food and worked on making a fire. Unfortunately, all she could find was a bundle of wet firewood at a convenience store so we worked and worked for a few hours before the stupid thing actually lit. We listened to some music on my phone, since our radio didn't work and settled in a bit. Later we heard some people at a nearby campsite trying to make animal noises we returned the calls and decided to go investigate. We ended up talking to some nearby campers for awhile about some Ontario and Canada politics and finding out more about Ontario all together. It was great getting the lay of the land from some people from the area. We ended up sleeeping like babies.

I got up first thing today and found the showers. The minute I got back to the site, it started raining pretty heavily. We rushed to pack up all of our newly soaked gear, and hit the road. We spent another 7 hours on the road today and are now next to the border of Ontario with Michigan. This place has a beautiful waterfront area and you can see into Michigan. We just checked into a motel as it's supposed to rain tonight and all day tomorrow. Hopefully it clears up before we have to camp tomorrow at Thunder Bay. We had dinner next door at a cue little Italian place, where again, everyone was fantastically friendly.

Sorry again about no pictures, I figure it will be easiest to upload them all when we're back in the States and can send things directly to the website. Probably just a few more days. Anyways, hope all is well with all of you back home! Talk to you again when we find another internet connection! Au revois!


8th September 2012

This blog is terrific! Thank you for taking us along on this fabulous trip. Be safe! Love yas
8th September 2012

Lions and Tigers? No! Bears! Oh My!
How thrilling to see your 1st bear, Ang! Never heard of Di's 1st encounter! Anyway, all sounds well with friendly people and all! Pick up firewood before entering campground will save time and gas! Stay well and stay together. I love you, my dynamic duo!

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