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North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill December 23rd 2014

I’m using my flights and inability to sleep to catch up on some blogs. But I thought I shouldn’t fall behind on this blog while I do the rest so this is more a stream of consciousness than a blog post. Sort of like what my twitter would be if I could use wifi on planes. I am once again stuck in the airport, absurdly early for my flight. The gate isn’t being announced for another hour. Debated napping, but I couldn’t find a dark enough place, which is odd considering it’s Scotland and daylight is a myth around here. I bought lemonade and a Ribena. I regret this immediately. I should have gotten food. I haven’t eaten since like, 5 PM yesterday. I need to pee but the guy beside me is asleep. Someone is ... read more
BOOM! Tint!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill September 3rd 2014

As I type this, I am yet again in an airport bound for a great wide Somewhere. Except it’s not just anywhere and it’s not so scary anymore. It would be an injustice to the experience to say that leaving last year was simply terrifying. Yes, it was exciting and new and I was thrilled to go but holy crap it was absolutely, mind numbingly hilariously, scary. And I’m grateful for that. If I wasn’t afraid of what I was walking into, I wasn’t doing it right. Of all the amazing experiences I’ve been blessed with, I am most proud of the experience I had last year. I threw myself head first into an experience I had vastly underestimated and I am so grateful I did. But that’s not important right now. I am sitting on ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill June 28th 2014

To round out my year, I am re-doing an old favourite. This is a list of things I have learned since October. It is not complete (I swear you didn't waste money on my education, parents of mine), and I was tired, but I hope it is funny. You'll notice that I have learned one more thing than the previous 'things I have learned list' 1. While it is in fact possible to write an essay in one night with no sleep, that essay will be stupid and you will loathe yourself. 2. You will be lying to yourself when you tell yourself that you’ll never let that happen again. 3. You probably won’t make the mistake a third time. 4. In ancient Rome, they believed that if a woman wasn’t getting enough *ahem* good lovin’ ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill July 15th 2013

Hello there friend Come on in, take a seat. Welcome to story time with Adrianne. This was going to be a fun post about me high on laughing gas while I got my wisdom teeth out, but then I heard about Cory Monteith. While I can't say that I was emotionally invested in his well-being and happiness, I am saddened by his passing. He wasn't an idol of mine, but he was a person. Moreover, he was a young person. He had so many goals and plans and he was getting married. It's a shame that his potential was taken so soon. Even though I'm sad he is dead, my heart goes out to his fiancee Lea, who now has to deal with not only her own grief, but the grief of the fans and media. ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill June 14th 2013

Well, it's been awhile. I am going on another adventure in a few months so I thought it might be a good idea to dust off this old blog and get it ready for use so I can tell people how much fun I'm having without them. You probably won't hear much from me until early August, but I will be around. So that's my update. I'll let you know more about what I'm doing and where I'm going after I stop procrastinating and get my final project of my high school career over and done with.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill August 1st 2012

In recent weeks, a handful of biased industry critics continue to use the mainstream media to distort the cruise industry’s strong record on crime reporting and significantly overinflate the number of crimes occurring onboard cruise ships. Unfortunately, the media outlets reporting these stories do not include the perspective of agencies responsible for the enforcement of laws pertaining to crime onboard cruise ships – and the sources of objective third party data - the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and the FBI. The result? Alarming statements, inflammatory accusations and unsubstantiated claims are made that have no basis in fact. These claims could not be further from the truth. A case in point is the Anderson Cooper 360 piece that aired on CNN on July 9 — “... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill April 30th 2012

Wow - its been awhile. Sorry about that. Not sure whats been happening. LOTS by the way. Thomas Cook Canada did another restructure. Air Canada almost went on strike with two of its unions. Costa had some major issues and its only the 2nd quarter of the year. WOW - you gotta love the travel business. Sometimes. Anyway - my wife and I finally made it to Tahiti on the Paul Gauguin and back. The trip is absolutely amazing. If its on your bucket list - dont wait. Try it! Moorea was probably our favourite island. Bora Bora gets all the attention - but Moorea is actually better. The scenery is stunning. There is more to do. All around the best time! Now - whats the cruise line industry up to? NEWS FROM CLIA: CRUISE Lines ... read more
Bora Bora
Bora Bora
On top of Bora Bora

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill February 23rd 2012

Our thrid annual Cruise for the Cure has been a tremendous success. We had 145 guests sailing on the Allure of the Seas this past week sailing the Western Caribbean. We had two cocktail parties, a walk for the cure on board the ship and a few treats throughout the week. We are already in the planning stages of our next Cruise for the Cure which will be held on the Oasis of the Seas on February 9th, 2013. We have a few "wish list" ideas from the cruise line we would like to implement for next year so if those that want to be a part of the group can be and for those that dont, then they can have a great relaxing week. Do you have any ideas that would be great to do? ... read more
Posing at the Cocktail Party
Men In Black

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill December 21st 2011

Carnival Corp. reported recently that they earned a profit of $1.9 BILLION dollars. Wow. Amazing. What a company. They do do (yes I said do do) it right. The Carnival Brand though is priced way too low. They "love" travel agents...Hmmm...I doubt it. Once on board, they get LOTS of revenue from the guests. But the fare to board their ships start at $199 or even lower sometimes. We can't make a living selling Carnival. No one can. I don't care who you are. As for their other 10 or 11 brand (who can keep track) around the world - Holland America, Cunard, Seabourn, Princess etc...these are all big name players who sell their product well...and they are (I believe) run independently. I love this industry - I really do. But it does get frustrating at ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Richmond Hill December 14th 2011

Wow...what a year for Thomas Cook PLC...a $638 Million CAD loss. 1000 jobs about to disappear. Stores are set to close in the U.K. Business outside the U.K. remained largely unaffected...well thats good news isn't it? I hope they figure this out. Canada (as I've mentioned in the past) has too many players in the market. No one ever seems to learn. Canadians want NONSTOP everywhere and they dont want to pay for it. Interesting. This Christmas/New Years and the 1st couple of months into the new year have staggering prices for airfare to Florida...its the worst I've seen in a long time. BOOK EARLIER!! Now lets talk about Venica...ahhh...Venice - what the hell are these people thinking??? They want to limit (or reduce alltogether) the large ships coming and going into theircity for fear that ... read more

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