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April 24th 2009
Published: April 26th 2009
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Niagara FallsNiagara FallsNiagara Falls

The Canadian falls, view from boat
Yesterday we visited Niagara Falls. It was interesting to compare these falls with Iquazu. Both are beautiful. Iquazu is three kilometres in jungle environment and heat, yesterday Niagara Falls still had glacial-type snow at bottom of falls. We took the Maid of the Mist boat to get up in front of the falls. This was fun; quite the experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the price,$14.95 each. When I think of the entry price to Iquazu and MachuPicchu and some museums in South America, the Niagara Falls boat trip is a bargain. Everyone in the boat laughed while getting soaked. Being so close to the rushing falls was awesome...yes, awe inspiring awesome.
There was leftover snow and ice at the bottom of the falls that looked like vanilla and chocolate ice cream. We were given (wow, given!) rain ponchos to protect us from the spray. No way.....the torrents come in the neck of the poncho and blow in the arms and soak the bottom of your jeans and shoes. It felt good, even if it was cool April. As we got closer to the wall of water and clouds of mist, we questioned how close (and how safe) the boat was

The Maid of the Mist boat takes you up to falls
going to the water. The river was churning like the sea on a windy day. When we were in the cloud of mist/torrential rain, it felt as if we hit a storm at sea. I moved to the centre of the boat to ease the amount of rain. There were a few tourists who bravely clung to the tip of the boat. I had fun taking photos from different angles.
On the way back down the river, Tammy and June pointed out the international boundary on the bridge. If you enlarge bridge photo you might see the flags in the middle.
I had been warned that Niagara Falls was built up with tourist traps. It is not as bad as that. We left the area and had dinner, greek salad, hot wings and nachos drenched in cheese....hmmmmm, welcome to Canada.

Additional photos below
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View from above, you can see how close the boat gets to falls

On top of the falls
Driving to FallsDriving to Falls
Driving to Falls

Entering Niagara Falls town
Tourist TrapsTourist Traps
Tourist Traps

There are casinos and restaurants a block or so away from the falls.

Walking down steps and take an elevator to get to dock

Everybody gets blue raingear at the beginning of the tour
Away from DockAway from Dock
Away from Dock

The beginning of boat tour.

Beginning of tour
American FallsAmerican Falls
American Falls

Boat moves past american falls. See the ice?
Canadian sideCanadian side
Canadian side

First part of horseshoe-shaped falls
Towards the FallsTowards the Falls
Towards the Falls

Maid of the Mist moves towards the falls.

As water rains down on us, we wonder 'just how close is the boat going to go?'
Hang OnHang On
Hang On

A few brave tourists hang on to front of boat and get soaked.

Heading back to dock. Halfway on bridge is border between Canada and U.S.
Spring FlowersSpring Flowers
Spring Flowers

View of U.S. falls

Can you see which one didn't wear rain hood?

Walking back to Cliffton Hill (where casinos and restaurants are)

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