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North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga July 30th 2011

Yesterday we drove in from Sudbury to Mississauga and had about 10 min to get our butts to Kia Headquarters for 3pm. We dropped off our stuff at the hotel and zoomed away. Once we found it (thank you GPS girl) we saw that their big glass door was open for their showroom. We started honking the horn as we approached and we were overwhelmed by what we saw! Inside the showroom was a HUGE crowd of Kia employees ready to cheer us as we drove in! I pulled in...thankfully not hitting anyone lol and couldn't believe what we saw! Employees were clapping and cheering! I looked back at Lindsay and Jenn and all of our jaws were dropped!!! We didn't expect such a warm welcome! There was a photographer snapping pics of what I know ... read more
KCI Headquarters
Feed My Soul cake cutting
Dee eating cake

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga June 16th 2011

This is the first post, and really just a general test entry, you'll find a picture of my sister's dog Enzo (A Havanese), on one of the first pictures I took it my new camera (Nikon D5100), purchased specifically for this trip, you'll find him very contemplative, and for good reason as he was just informed that day of our impending trip.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga April 27th 2011

Hey there wandering travelers looking for a place to go, well you first stop at this web-site seems to be spot on as this site is really helpful in providing a great pitstop if you may say while ur on ur worldly expeditions :) Well im new here too and would like to start by talking about my past endeavors in the exploring field if you may call it . Date = Somewhere around Mid August 2009 .. Location - Canada , Ontario Mississauga & Niagara falls :) Well for starters , amazing time to visit the country this time of the year , there are countless and un-exhaustive things to do around the summer time , should not be new for the average North American though ... anyway for us wanderers yes amazing time , ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga April 12th 2011

Hello friends and Family, So it turns out i am that "crazy travelling Registered Nurse" that my awesome friends keep referring to me as. I have just being offered a job working up in Whitehorse, Yukon for the month of May. I am going to be working at a 49 bed Hospital in Whitehorse for 4 weeks and hopefully enjoying every moment of it. Very excited for such a great experience working in a rural hospital and even more the ability to explore the Yukon! In case some of you guys don’t know where that is, it is indeed still in Canada!! It is in the far north-west corner close to Alaska. There are 33,000 people that live in the whole of Yukon and 24,000 of them reside in Whitehorse, the capital city (where I will ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga August 26th 2010

Our plans thus far, open to changes (obvs). Vietnam: Hanoi: Sept 28 to 30 Halong Bay: Sept 30 to Oct 3 Hoi An: Oct 3 to 5 Nha Trang: Oct 5 to 8 Cambodia: Siem Reap,Phnom Penh Oct 8 to 11 Laos: Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng Oct 11 to 17 Thailand: Phuket, Ko Sumai, Koh Phanong (Oct 20-24), Ko Phi Phi, Bangkok Oct 17 to 30 *fly from Bangkok to Bali on Oct 30 Bali: Oct 30 to Nov 5 *fly from Bali to Brisbane on Nov 5 Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Queenstown NZ, Sydney Nov 5 to Dec 7 *Seoul for Lena Nov 5 to 12(?) ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga January 10th 2010

After much debate it was decided that we should make some sort of a website that everyone can see whether they have facebook or not. So, we'll do our best to update when we can, post pics, and try and keep people in the loop! Overview of our plan is this: Fiji - New Zealand - Austalia (Gold coast) - Egypt - Greece - Rest of Europe We'll likely be off the grid while we're in Fiji ... so look for an update in a few weeks! We love you all, and wish you were all with us. Keep safe, have fun, let us know how you're doing ... and we'll do the same! :-) Heres a map of the plan! Visited Countries Map ... read more
Karen's backpack
Joel's Backpack

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga August 3rd 2009

These posts are long overdue, however we would like to wrap up our travel blog with our engagment photos and photos from our wedding on August 22, 2009 so that we may then create a hardcover book containing all of our travel blog posts. This seems like a fitting end for our blog which began nearly three years ago when we first left on our adventurous journey to England in 2007. So, without further ado, here are our photos that we had taken a few weeks before our wedding. Photographer: Sandra Valente, Seize the Moment Photos.... read more
On the dock
Piggy Back Ride!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga August 3rd 2009

We spent Civic bank holiday here in Canada up in Killbear park about 2 hours north of Toronto. Bears. Black Bears. We wanted to up our 'Canadianisms' and ended up Canadian canoeing and bear hunting - see attached photos. It was early morning and as the sun began to burn away the mist a feeling of anticipation gripped the campsite. What was supposed to be an ordinary day was to turn into something quite extraordinary before long... ...Driving to the canoe hire place, we were suddenly blocked off by a rangers vehicle that screeched to a halt in front of us - the ranger emerged armed with a paintball shotgun and rolled off the track into the undergrowth. A black bear appeared in the woodland and began to scurry away. As the ranger pursued, I left ... read more
Active Bear
Scott Island

North America » Canada » Ontario » Mississauga August 2nd 2009

Day 63. 18,319Km Home again home again. I got up just after 1100hrs and wrote my entries for the last couple days. Dad still has dial-up so I had to wait till I got home to post them. Mom has always cooked a big meal for Sunday lunch and today was no different. She puts the roast in the oven before they leave for church so it is ready when they get home. I can smell it now as I am writing this. After lunch dad had to go play at a funeral so I chatted with mom for a bit and then took off. I called my friend Murray in Baden to see if he was home and stopped there for a visit. He was working on his front walkway so I grabbed a shovel ... read more

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