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North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener August 29th 2007

So I did it... I bought a car. A woman mom works with has a husband who sells cars. He had one in my price range and so we went lastnight to check it out, took it into our mechanic today to have him check it over and then registered the car, got plates and insurance and I'm now a car owner! Fancy that. It's a 98 Pontiac Sunfire SE. Red. My favourite colour. ... read more
My First Car :)
In Front of the House

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener June 15th 2007

The Need to leave London was getting too great!! i hadnt been on holiday since New York in Jan and even though i was leaving in 6 weeks or so i couldnt handle it. Where was this famous English Summer? All i had seen was rain rain and hail!! After arriving last year to a heat wave i was eagerly anticipating Summer this year, especially after the weather we had had in April........ Well Summer still hasnt happened here yet and its the middle of July!! i think i made a good move heading to Canada for quick break and to see some Sunshine :) I went over there to see a girl Liz and i had met in Egypt the previous year. According to her she lived in the "armpit of Canada" but seeing as ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener May 12th 2007

After sitting in the terminal at Miami international for what seemed like a lifetime they called the flights boarding number to Toronto. I was so happy to be going home - exhausted but happy. The flight was ok, I was delusional, excited and overly tired. I had been up for almost 24 hours. I just wanted to sleep. But sleep wasn’t an option. There was a young girl, who was resting beside me for most of the flight home, and then she started to cry, her ears would not pop. There was a lot of turbulence on the flight and her ears kept on getting clogged. So I sat there watched movie with subtle sounds of her cries. We landed in Toronto, everyone was leaving the plane and the mother looked at me and said, ... read more
The Brooks in the Hat.
Read the sign.
Brooks last night crew bar.

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 11th 2006

While our parents generation had Pearl Harbor, V-E and V-J days and knew what they were doing on those days. Our generation remembers what we were doing when President John Kennedy was assassinated and when the twin towers in New York fell. It has been five years since terrorist hijacked four planes and attacked the United States. Today it is referred to simply as 9/11. Here’s to the heroes of Flight 93. … We were so excited to visit Home & Park Motors, birthplace of our Roadtrek 200 Versatile Motor Home. The visitors parking area was made only for cars; Will found a spot and backed in. We entered the brick building through the double door entryway and approached the desk where a young woman sat talking into a microphone headset. The large room was divided ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener July 25th 2006

A Week today I'll be in Honduras. Scary thought, but also very exciting. At this time actually, we'll be waiting at the airport in Miami to board the plane for Honduras. I still can't believe I'm leaving. I'm meeting people for lunches and dinners, hugging them and saying goodbye, but I still feel like I'm just going for a month or so... a whole year. I can't fathom it at the moment. I haven't really started packing yet. Today is the day I begin that. Up until now I've been so busy uploading all of my CD collection onto my new laptop. I just don't want to have to pack any of them and it'll be so much easier to have them on my computer. Yesterday I revised my camp packing list for Honduras. I'm scared ... read more

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