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North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 9th 2008

Well, I FINALLY got my ship assignment! I'll be sailing on the Norwegian Majesty. Home port is Philly, until November when it changes to Charleston. I fly out this Friday morning and then am put up in a hotel for the night to get a bus to meet the ship Saturday morning. Here are the ports I'll be sailing between now and January: - Philidelphia, PA - St. George's, Bermuda - St. John, New Brunswick - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Bar Harbour, Maine - Boston, Massachusetts - Nassau, Bahamas - Oranjestad, Aruba - Willemstad, Curacao - St. Thomas, British Virgin Islands - Samana, Dominican Republic - Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas - Charleston, South Carolina - Grand Bahama Island - Orlando (Port Canaveral) The Caribbean cruise (Aruba, Curacao, BVI, and Dominican) is only one cruise in those ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener March 30th 2008

Well here we are - full-circle!! After 14,000+ kms and a month of travelling around North America, we are back home here in Kitchener, ON. We are grateful for 1) safety as we travelled all those miles! Thank You, Lord!; 2) for beautiful sunshine every day when we were on the road travelling, except this past Thursday morning (when it rained for a couple of hours). Thank You, Lord! and 3) for all the special people, places and attractions we were able to visit. It has been an awesome experience! Thank You, Lord! And what can we say about our blogger? He has done a bodacious job of keeping you all informed and updated with text and photos. We will give him lots of TLC and food and water and rest after his wearying experience! He ... read more
Home Sweet Home!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener February 28th 2008

It's been a little while since I've posted. Things are going well with my jobs. Yes, I am still working 5 of them. I did stop working youth drop in, but replaced that job with another dance teaching position at Impact Movement Studios Inc. in downtown Kitchener ( I am the chair dance teacher. Yes, that's right. I teach sexy dance routines on a chair to adults. It's a riot. The ladies are always a hoot, and it's fun, flirty fitness. My other 2 dance jobs are still going well, as well. As is Kumon Learning Centre. The job at Summit Learning Centres is going well too. I am learning so much and really developing my business skills; skills I didn't know I had. I've started full-time hours, which is great for the paycheck. I spend ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener February 19th 2008

Well hello there.... I wasn't going to do any blogging again until my masters started on their trip! But I could resist showing off my new doo! Hair-doo that is! They took me for my bath and clip today and I thought I better show it off, so those of you we meet along the way will recognize me. In my last picture I was sure lookin' like the "shaggy dawg"!! Anyway - now I am all trimmed and clipped and ready for the road! So let's get this show on the road, eh??? Not sure what it will be like for me with no Tim Horton's along the USA roads, for the most part. My masters usually get me a couple of plain Tim-bits when they stop! Hmmmmm - wonder if any other fast-food joints ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener February 7th 2008

Hi there: I am Benji and I am going on this trip, too! Someone has even suggested that I do the blogging, as my masters aren't very experienced at this whole "blogging" thing! So you may end up getting this trip from "the back seat" perspective, cause that's where I get to hang out! Actually it isn't so bad - I do get the whole back seat to myself and have water and food on demand·! Cool, eh? And I have a bird's eye view out either window! And sometimes my masters even put the window down and boy do I enjoy the feel of the air blowing across my nose and through my fur. It is a bit cool in this winter weather stuff, but boy just wait till we hit those southern states!! Well, ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener February 5th 2008

Hello there: Not being bloggers and not being this daring in a road trip before, we trust that our blog will be of interest as we travel across Canada and then down into the USA. Lord willing, we should have a map posted on our blog which will show you our route. Thanks for joining us, and we will see you again on March 1st, Lord willing.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener February 5th 2008

Hello Subscribers: This is just a test to enusre that the system is working properly. Actual first blog will be March 1st. Thanks for signing up. Eric & Sharon... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener December 23rd 2007

I've shared this story with a few friends and family, and decided that it may be worth it to share with all. Just over a week ago, I received this e-mail: Greetings, I am a teacher this year at EBH. Today, I was subbing for the 4th grade class, and they wrote Dear Santa letters. One of the girls, Sthephany, asked only for a letter from you for Christmas to make her happy. I thought you would like to know that. If you wanted to e-mail me a letter or something, I could print it out and get it to her for Christmas. I thought it was sweet. -Anna I couldn't stop crying. To think that I had touched a student enough to have her only Christmas wish be a letter from me. Me? I immediately ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener November 15th 2007

Well, I have news to share! Firstly, The Great Big Theatre Company. I finally got my cheque in the mail. It was even for the correct amount! We won't be needing to take it to court then. HUGE relief! I did have lunch with a few of the cast members yesterday though. It was so good to see them and chat. I was already in Hamilton for a job interview, so it worked out nicely... which leads me to the next job Summit Learning Centres: I had mentioned this job a little bit in my last entry but the position now has changed. I was working as an occasional teacher, taking shifts when teachers were ill or couldn't make it into work. My high school friend Lynley (who told me about the company in the ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 19th 2007

Many of you are already aware but the nanny job didn't work out. I just didn't agree with a lot of the ways the parents were raising their children and I didn't feel like I meshed with the family. There were many issues with the behavior of their 4 year old son, and I just wasn't patient enough to deal with things that I thought were inappropriate for a 4 year old but were justified by the parents. So... I'm on a Job Search again. I need a well paying job for the weekdays. I'm hoping to get onto a supply list. I don't even care which board. If I have to drive far to a job, I have to drive. As long as I get the money. I also have a couple other interviews coming ... read more
Dinner With Camp Friends
Kristina's Wedding

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