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North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener May 28th 2017

I awoke to birds twittering in the early sunshine. Our breakfast was at 8:00 – muffins, homemade strawberry jam, fruit, juice, and hot lemon water. The annex off the kitchen retained some style from the original house. We walked to Greg’s condo, where most of the others from yesterday were gathered again. Greg led us on a walk of historic Kitchener, a tour he does for a few organizations. We were in the historic “Berlin District”, where the original inhabitants worked in the German language until the first World War. Our Green Gables B&B was typical of the original large multi-storey houses with wide verandas and large front and back gardens, dating from more than a hundred years ago. Many modern houses replaced the old, usually with designs sensitive to history. Outside one narrow wooden house, ... read more
Last wooden house in Kitchener
Friends remember hiking
Don Quixote and Rosinante

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener May 27th 2017

After a relaxing breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and fruit we left Toronto to enjoy Crawford Lake, a park and tourist destination on the Niagara escarpment. The drive took us along the relatively busy highway 401, and when we finally turned off, the fields and groves seemed even prettier in their spring green. Against my usual practice, at Crawford Lake I dipped into the visitor centre shop. It was fun because there were lots of low cost items, inviting me to indulge in a two-dollar polished black magnetite ring, plus maple sugar candies for us both. Thus fortified, we went out to the recreated Iroquoian village. I was glad to see the two url= read more
Jack in a Pulpit
Crawford Lake
Longhouse outside wall

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 14th 2013

We've finished our last day of work for 2 weeks and are taking it easy tonight. Tomorrow we'll be cleaning out our new truck and packing it for the drive that starts early sunday morning.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 11th 2012

Hello and welcome to my blog! As many of you know I am about to embarke on an amazing experience and I have decided to create this travel blog so you can follow me on my adventure. My hopes are to take you with me and share the amazing stories, experiences and people I am sure to meet. I will try to update my blog weekly with stories, pictures and videos to give you an insight into my life in Africa!... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 10th 2012

Around Kitchener Friday, September 7 we drove north-east through the countryside looking at prosperous farms, neat looking villages/towns to the Grand River Casino and Raceway that sits in the middle of nowhere. They advertised a huge buffet dinner at trackside. Unfortunately, we should have made reservations, as they took only a limited number of customers even if it was a buffet. So, looked around and got some food from a canteen type place and then watched the trotters race. We then sat outside and bet on a few races. I lost all. Valerie won a few. Ontario is trotter horse country with the Mennonites using so many carriage horses they are bred, raised, and trained in this province. Although we had planned to attend a huge Farmer's Market with many Mennonite vendors this Saturday morning, we ... read more
912-48 Green Acres--one of several ponds
912-49 Black squirrel at Green Acres CG
912-50 A typical farm in the area

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener December 4th 2011

Hi friends and family! Southwestern Ontario has been very busy. I finally have some time to make an entry. We have still been blessed with very good weather. A couple of days of rain and a couple of snowfalls is all that we have had to endure so far! Temps are getting cooler, but it is climatizing us for the inevitable! We are continuing to meet amazing people and communities. We are still seeing places for the first time even in Ontario! Again, mostly pics with some explanations. Enjoy and looking forward to the 2 week break at Christmas! Love Weedie and Jeepa... read more
Cayuga, On
Cayuga, On
Leamington, On

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener September 23rd 2011

I got up at 5:40 so I could have a shower before the flight. We rushed down for a quick bite, then back up for our bags, checked out and headed to the airport a short walk away. Check in went smoothly, we waited for about ½ hour in the lounge and we boarded. The trip back was better than the trip here. There seemed to be a little more room and we were a little more rested and could pass the time reading rather than unsuccessfully trying to get sleep like on the night flight. The pilot actually pointed out Greenland as we passed over because he said usually it’s not clear enough to see it. It was a magnificent sight and I tried to take a couple of pics. We left at about 08:40 ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener July 10th 2011

In 7 days the Woolwich Whitehawks U16 Girls will be heading down to the USA Cup. The USA Cup is being held at the National Sports Center, located in Blaine, Minnesota. Check back next week for more updates and hopefully some photos. I will try to post daily, but it will all depend on when I can get Internet access.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener November 30th 2010

The plans are now in place. We retired on Nov 16 and placed an order for a used C class motor home a week later. The unit was purchased in Bolton at Cruise Canada. A week to go before we pick it up.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Kitchener August 18th 2009

My blog has been getting a bit of activity recently, perhaps due to the recent spotlight on Ghana with Obama's visit in July, perhaps just because. I've also been doing alot of thinking about Ghana, MoFA and my time overseas and thought I would post a bit of an update. The information I gathered during my time in the Northern Region was used as a basis to help guide the continued partnership between EWB and MoFA. The roles and programs have changed over the years, and continue to grow and strengthen, but always focused on helping farmers pull themselves out of poverty. The partnership continues today with the successful ‘Agriculture as a Business’ program developed by both EWB and MoFA. As you may have read in my past entries, for my friends in Northern Ghana, farming ... read more

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