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October 23rd 2006
Published: October 23rd 2006
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The Americans have shown their true colours yet again (red, white and stupid) by banning Vegemite. I don't get it, they'll let innocent children eat MacDonalds, yet interfere in a minority of Australian adults in enjoying a good slice of Vegemite on toast every morning??? Obviously it's been deemed too healthy by the FDA, and stands to embarrass the American Cuisine (what an oxymoron) Administration or whatever. Home of the free - forget about it...
Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Anyone looking to send aid packages (i.e. Vegemite, not currently banned by the conservative but sensible Canadians), please address them to: Emily, Apartment #3, 23 West Street Kingston,ON. K7L 2S2.

Still not in the apartment - apparently due to painters this time...*sigh*. Living in one of the apartments next door, yet to be renovated (or I assume so by the inch-thick layer of dust). But there's hot water and electricity, so it's no big deal for a few more days.

Starting my Christmas shopping. One nice thing about Canada is that they don't put out the Christmas sale stock until December, probably because they're too busy with the Thanksgiving and Halloween stock at the moment. It's a nice change from seeing Christmas trees in shops in September. Any requests? Think small, light and not too expensive, and it's yours. Downside? You have to email me to let me know....hahahaha!

Okay, going a little batty now, time to go and rest. Ciao amigos! Email Mr. Bush to let him know how you feel about the Vegemite ban, or visit www.savevegemite.com - stick it to the man!


24th October 2006

hehehhe - I had vegemite toast for brekkie today :):)
I can send u some if you like but u can keep the bloody yellow snow thanx!!!!
25th October 2006

and the V jars in my cupboard take months to go through
Yes we were shocked too but luckily are not addicted so won't miss it in our travels. Does that mean that all you want for Christmas is Vegimite???
31st October 2006

yes, I am only too aware that americans are known for some colossal blunders. but banning Vegamiteis not one of them. http://www.snopes.com/food/warnings/vegemite.asp

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