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December 9th 2010
Published: December 9th 2010
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We knew it was always does. There was a little snow the other day, then more snow two days ago, followed by guessed the freeze. Last night temps dropped to -14. There is ice in Anglin Bay already and there are still a couple of boats to be moved! One of the metal craft boats has been busy going back and forth breaking up the ice!
Our ice eater is running keeping us floating..but oh baby it's cold outside. What a shock to the system. The ugly clothes are out, for both people and boat. Our pretty boat has a great unattractive looking hump on her stern otherwise known as a cover. It is entirely practicle, but decidedly unatractive. Yes folks the grumbling has begun. We are thus far luckier than London which has received over a meter of snow and it still is snowing! It seems a bit early to me...I suppose Mother did not choose to listen to my suggestions about a warm winter. Ah well she rarely listens to me. The wind has died down a bit which is I confess a relief, since it was a rather lazy wind that went through me rather than around me.
To everyone lucky enough to have sailed away to the warm or at least to the warmer...Congratulations and enjoy. I wish I was there with you.
Still spring is coming it always does.


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