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November 30th 2006
Published: November 30th 2006
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Hola chicos and chicas, just a quick entry to say hello and let you all know that I finally found some salmon (which has already come and gone...), which I'm sure you're all extremely excited about.
Went and bought myself some ice hockey skates today, as the ice skating rink between work and home opens on Friday. Got inspired after watching an OHL game here in town between the Kingston Frontenacs (I don't know what that means exactly, but their mascot is a pirate) and the Ottawa 67's (I don't know if they even have a mascot...). Turns out the local guys suck, losing 5-0 after making the brilliant move of taking off their goalie to put an extra man in offence. The other team then proceeded to pot two goals FROM THE OTHER END OF THE RINK, and in response the Kingston goalie was promptly reinstated. Also indulged in the other Canadian pastime that night, eating poutine - a light, healthy French-Canadian cuisine offering comprising french fries (also known as chips) drowned in gravy and topped with cheese curds. It's as good as it sounds (make up your own mind whether that's a good thing or a bad thing). Nearly lost my teeth due to the terrific aim of the guys on the ice, but I figure every cloud has a silver lining - if I lost all of my teeth then at least I'd blend in more with the locals .... hahahahaha, just kidding........

Anyhoo, getting closer to Christmas ... supposed to drop down to a high of -2C on the weekend, so maybe some snow, fingers crossed... still have Vegemite, but have run out of Tim Tams .... hoping my goldfish are still alive Dave ... anyone having any decent Australian music in mp3 format, please email ASAP (no ACDC por favor...) ... I think that's it for now.

Hope all's well, and that Bracksy is keeping up with the good work,



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