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North America » Canada » Ontario » Atikokan May 20th 2019

Sunday 19th May 2019 We left Thunder Bay and Lake Superior behind us this morning and travelled to the Quetico Provincial Park, North West Ontario where we are spending a few days. Quetico is known as one of Canada´s great wilderness parks and most of it can only be reached by canoe; Quetico forms part of the “Path of the Paddle”, 1000 km of linking waterways in NW Ontario. A message to our son Dan, “This is the place for you!”. We are now staying in a lodge for two nights on the edge of the park by Lake Eva and hopefully tomorrow we shall have a little paddle! It is said that Quetico is where people who love canoeing “go to dream”! From Thunder Bay we visited the Kakabeka Falls, the largest and most powerful ... read more
French Lake, Quetico Provincial Park
On the Whiskey Jack Trail

North America » Canada » Ontario » Atikokan June 14th 2014

Ce matin ce n' était pas l' été indien 6 au thermometre , sans parler de la pluie, du crachin, du brouillard et ce jusqu' a 15h. On rajoute a ca une route sans interêt pendant 400kms. Jusqu' au lac Nipigon 4850 km2, un des plus grands au Canada. Alors que la route était plate comme une planche, je me suis retrouvé dans des gorges magnifiques, des cascades, des falaises 9 (annoncées 800m) a droite, a gauche, un mot magnifique décor et bout de 10kms on débouche sur cette immensité de lac. J' ai cru pendant quelques kms que j' étais sorti de la platitude de la route. Mais ce n' était vraiment que ces 10 kms. La cerise sur le gâteau, le peu de village traversées sont des réserves indiennes, Cree, Atikamek, une désolation, les ... read more
dernier "CREE"
c' est a louer, mais a la campagnr
déja loué mince alors

North America » Canada » Ontario » Atikokan February 2nd 2010

Here is my proposed route through Egypt... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Atikokan September 4th 2009

Got caught up with some blogs, and now back on the road to Winnipeg! First stop Half Pints Brewery Company. My friend Richard wanted me to check it out, and I'm glad I did! It was a real treat! Locally owned. Husband was a home brewer, the passion took over and the wife is an accountant! (Nicole is the one who gave me the tour and their story). Their market is Western Canada, with one place in Toronto (which I now have to find!). (By the way, the beer is great, I have been enjoying the beer over the last couple of days). Drove downtown and walked along the river to the Forks and parked right in front of the Provincial Legislation building. Crossed into Ontario today! Very melancholy for adventure to Yellowknife is just ... read more
Half Pints Brewery
Half Pints Brewery
Half Pints Brewery

North America » Canada » Ontario » Atikokan » Quetico Provincial Park August 11th 2007

I'm heading back to civilization in an hour! It's about 10:15 and we are heading back to our pickup point at 11:00-11:30 or so. We have a 1:00 pickup scheduled, and as much as I have enjoyed this trip, I can't wait to get back. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the last portage back up to the parking lot from Pickerel Lake. It's amazing how much I think I've grown in during this trip. I feel like I did often push myself and did things that I may not have done if I were on a regular hike through the woods. But now I know I can do it, and that's an awesome feeling to have after a trip like this. It's very empowering. It is also nice to look back and ... read more
Hauling the canoe back up the last portage
When the vacation is almost over, rest is needed
See you later, and thanks Quetico!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Atikokan » Quetico Provincial Park August 10th 2007

Woke up today in a whirlwind and only had time to down a cold cup of instant coffee before we were on the lake trying to beat the rain (which we didn't) and the wind (which we didn't) as we made our way back to the Quetico Park entrance. Yep, we're on our way back home. In the rain. The rain did eventually ease up right around the time that we were shooting some rapids (which was real thrilling, actually) so all looked good... UNTIL we hit the Deux Rivieres. At first it felt like we were in Egypt, canoeing through papyrus plants on the Nile, but then it was like we were in Vietnam—we had to get out of the canoe and trudge through the mud while someone strung the canoe down the leech infested ... read more
Paddling through Egypt?
Hannah posing
Looking good

We took a day trip to Chatterton Falls today from our campsite at Blueberry Island. I won't lie, the Falls were a little disappointing. I guess I have in it my head that waterfalls or something described as falls are a bit more intense. Chatterton Falls are pretty awesome, just in a less obvious ways. They were rushing and very beautiful, but you had to walk a way in order to see the whole falls. They were almost tiered... when you first got to the Falls, there was a medium sized waterfall. After docking, you walk up alongside the water and see a few more falls. When you walk a little bit more up, you see more, and so on and so on. Which was nice in a way because it really promoted a day of ... read more
Though not large, Chatterton is still quite powerful
Everybody paddling to Chatterton
Another view of the paddlers

Oh! My! Gosh! There were killer flies today... swarms over every part of everywhere we went and every part of our body. There were so many of these little biting flies I was close to tears several times during the day. It felt like an epidemic, an apocolypse almost. At times, it felt like a sci-fi movie where something so trivial and harmless in the everyday sense as flies could be so life threatening. There weren't that many when I woke up. In fact, the morning was fairly nice. I missed the mist on the water early in the morning, but getting to sleep in was much needed. After having a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and instant coffee, Hannah, my dad, and I did some fishing and then realized that Blueberry Island was vacated. We were ... read more
Hannah and me ready to set out and fish
Dad and one of his catches
Hannah and Mom hiding in the tent

There are some things in life where the harder something is, the better you feel about it in the end. It's the feeling of accomplishment, the rush of trying something new, or knowing that you went outside your comfort zone that does it for you. After finishing a rocky, mile-plus long portage twice over--once with an 80-pound pack and then my own personal pack--I coudn't help but feel very good about myself despite how much I hated it while doing trying to climp up a rock with the food pack on my back. I wouldn't necessarily want to do it again right then; nevertheless, it seemed like something I could be proud of, knowing that I pushed myself on only the second day of our trip. It really got me thinking "what couldn't I do" if ... read more
Shooting the "rapids"
Dad looking out at Lake Olifant before we head into the rough
Abby and Hannah cooking up some food

Wow we covered a lot of ground... err... water today. That of course means... we're in Quetico! It's just about as I expected it would be, minus a few things here and there?the first being the actual distance we travel and the second being the actual length of time it takes to travel said distance. Those minutiae aside, it's not half bad. The worst thing, if anything, was the 5:30 wake-up call and the fact that I was carrying an 80 pound food pack on my back for three quarters of a mile at 8:30 AM... which really happens to be about the time I'd wake up each morning. Quite a change of pace for me. Before we even set foot in a canoe, I could tell this was not going to be your average vacation... ... read more
Some more falls around another portage!
Blueberries... mmmm...
My sisters, dad, and me!

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