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Published: October 6th 2009
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around Saturday --
As you may have noticed, the Mckenzie King estate photos didn’t show up in the last blog. The internet connection we were using wasn’t very reliable and we’d already lost one attempt at blogging, so we decided not to send all the photos, which are slow to upload. We had been hiding out in the parking area of a restaurant nearby which had unsecured Wi-Fi, checking our emails and sending out the blogs in something of a rush every day or two. So here are the photos. These are King’s summer homes as he worked in Ottawa for 22 years. He never married. We were impressed by how modest his digs were.
I’ve also included some photos from the steam train ride we took along the Gatineau River.
A note about Canadians: One of their favorite foods is poutine - French fries with gravy topped with cheese curds. Sound good?

Tuesday, 6:00 PM --
Just a note. We've spent two wonderful days in the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, and have never, ever seen such gorgeous fall leaves. We've just left the Park and checked into a private park with electricity and Wi-Fi and good TV reception -- and it's raining again. So a little civilization time. Photos to follow.
Thanks so much for all your comments! They're very much appreciated. And the mouse and colds are gone.

Additional photos below
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