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September 15th 2018
Published: October 4th 2018
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“Across the fjord the conical mountains to the south displayed the most wonderful tints. One hill was of a dark red colour, so that, although the sky was actually clouded, it seemed as though here a flood of sunlight lingered. Nearby was a second hill which, at a distance, seemed of pale green. On the surface of the fjord there floated an iceberg, a fitting foreground to the inscrutable and snow... Read Full Entry

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Coutts InletCoutts Inlet
Coutts Inlet

Zodiac operations

Suicide awareness.
Lancaster SoundLancaster Sound
Lancaster Sound

Icy waters
Polar Bear SkullsPolar Bear Skulls
Polar Bear Skulls

In a milk crate.
The MonumentThe Monument
The Monument

In recognition of the Government's 'forced relocations' of the 1950s. The community of Grise Fiord was put on Ellesmere Island for sovereignty purposes
Grise FiordGrise Fiord
Grise Fiord

A community of only about 120. The only community on an Island the size of Great Britain. Canada's northernmost community.
Grise FjordGrise Fjord
Grise Fjord

The Fjord

4th October 2018

Just like a painting...encrusted in ice & snow
I can only imagine how cold it would be sitting on a pew listening to the Sunday sermon...maybe fire and brimstone would be the only message to warm their spirits in them parts!
4th October 2018

Just like a painting
There was a chill in the air for sure. This was the first snowfall of the season. September 2nd was the start of the winter I guess - and it was a Sunday too. The church was open!
4th October 2018
Sam Ford Fjord

Another blog to warm the cockles with the stark Arctic wilds that caress the imagination and make around a blazing fire seem like a distant dream. Great pics as always Dave.
4th October 2018
Sam Ford Fjord

A very poetically written comment. Thanks Dave. It is a very poetic region, consisting of fairytales and mythical beasts.
4th October 2018
Bear on the Sea Ice

Beary nice
Glad you are back in your element enjoying the great frosted frontier. Keep these wonderful blogs coming.
4th October 2018
Bear on the Sea Ice

Beary Nice
The Great Frosted Frontier - love it!
4th October 2018

Years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Baffin with three friends and hiking through a section of Auyuittuq National Park at the southern end of the Island. We spent about 10 days there hiking up the river valley to the divide and then returning with incredible views of Mt. Thor with its massive sheer face looming over us. In later years, a very warm summer and rains led to a washout of the moraine damming the meltwater lake at the height of land we had reached, creating a massive flood that swept down the valley and tore out the only bridge across the river - a suspension model. One of my strongest memories was waking up one night and peering out of the tent to see a landscape very lightly dusted in snow and bathed in an eerie green light from the moon.
4th October 2018

Northern memories are my most cherished. The Akshayuk Pass is a hike I'd love to do. I've spent some time in Auyuittuq and loved every minute. I am pleased you got up to Baffin and seen Mt Thor - truly spectacular. Thanks for commenting and following along.

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