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August 12th 2016
Published: September 10th 2016
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“Most people might be oppressed by such surroundings, with its silence and inhumane expanses, but he who seeks peace and quiet in nature, undisturbed by human activity will find here what he seeks.” Fridjof Nansen. The sun set only twice at Cunningham Inlet, and only for a short time... The setting and rising of the sun in this obscure part of the planet is a somewhat seasonal phenomenon, as ... Read Full Entry

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The Eastern ShoreThe Eastern Shore
The Eastern Shore

Only visited once this year!

10th September 2016
Musk Oxen

Peace, quiet and sights rarely seen!
Magical journey--witnessing the extremes of the natural cycles hidden from city dwellers--sun and moon, life and death, musk oxen and polar bears. Your camping in the Arctic sounded extreme (though your cat duvet was clearly the best), until I saw though that brekkie with tropical treats. I see how you thrived, but how did those Thules manage it? I'm off to wifi-less towns in the Bolivian Andes for a bit. I'll have to catch up later! Thanks for sharing your unique explorations!
11th September 2016

I love the photo of the fogbow!
12th September 2016

The dead dub made me sad but it is the way of nature.
Wow, this is a fantastic photo. I'm always excited by the world you are sharing with us. The arctic fall has arrived..... I would think the summer lasted a day or two. I experienced the never setting sun when working in Antarctica. It is an experience. The wildlife looks amazing. I love the raw nature that you have described.

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