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June 22nd 2016
Published: July 18th 2016
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Drilling Holes in Spoons… Resolute Bay is in Canada’s Central Arctic, thousands of miles from the nation’s capital. One of the most amazing features of Resolute is that there are virtually no features! It’s an empty and somewhat featureless, barren expanse of absolute nothingness. Silence and dismal solitude surround this tiny community on Cornwallis Island in the Canadian Central Arctic.... Read Full Entry

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Grise Fiord BeachfrontGrise Fiord Beachfront
Grise Fiord Beachfront

The frozen sea to the shoreline, the sea here is open water for only a few weeks each year.

20th July 2016

would love to visit but it's so depressing to imagine living there. great story
24th July 2016

There is remote and then there is Resolute Bay
You have a propensity for living and traveling in remote isolated parts of the world but seriously this one is unique. I'd love to see it....but for only a short period of time. So glad you were able to tackle the spoon situation. I'm not certain if it is sadder that someone is in love with his three spoons or that someone would take them. I'm intrigued by Grise Ford.
26th July 2016

Three Little Spoons
I am not sure about Justin's affiliation with the spoons. He is a chef after all...
26th July 2016

Compare and Contrast
Kinda like Pangnirtung, but with fewer Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle bicycles and more large deceased mammal parts in the front yard.

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