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April 15th 2007
Published: April 15th 2007
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but the sunsets were amazing

when i 1st wrote about the sun and how it stays light but whent dimmer i thought that was wat its like but as the days haave been going by its been going brighter and brighter throughout the night as im writing this it is broad daylight outside and it is around 3 in the morning

when we had are few days rest inbetween them leaving and us leaving to checkpoint 1 one of our teams had a polar bear encounter were 2 curious young bears came and ivestigated their pulks
here are some pics that were taken

luckily no one was hamed and neither were the bears just a few shredded socks and pulks by the young bears playing with the pulk and looking inside
whilst i was at checkpoint 1 i saw 2 bears 1 of them along way away through binoculers and the other closer than i would like to have seen one unfortunatly no pictures and again no trouble it ran away straight away

all the teams arrive and we have a nice camp together
apart from one night and day when the weather got pritty bad

i got to have an explore around the old polaris mine site and look at all the old building now are being used during the summer by scientists

i would not like to work and live here

it was really surreal walking around and looking in the buildings none of them had been touched in ages yet thing like crumpets still being in the toaster an apple on the table and other stuff kinda frozen in time it was really odd

then we sent the racers off again on their way to checkpoint 2

me and the rest of the support team were looking forward to flying back to resolute with proper beds and cooked food and a bath

it was great to see the plaine fly in to take us back


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