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North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit March 15th 2013

I’ve found myself on a trip back to where I’ve been before, Iqaluit Nunavut, but this time in the winter. The purpose of this trip was the same as the last, primarily contributing to mental health services as a psychiatric nurse in a community with some unique issues. I was definitely looking forward to the true Arctic experience this time around complete with snow and cold. As I hopped on the plane towards my first stop in Ottawa, I was hoping that the travel process was going to be smoother this time around. Luckily, I had something to look forward to, and that was seeing some good friends, Keks and Dobes, who were visiting Montreal, but agreed to meet me for some good times. And good times were had. It was nice to get out and ... read more
Skating along the Canal
Little Reggie
Iqaluit Airport: Winter Version

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit July 29th 2012

Entering my last few days of my working adventure, I thought I’d reflect on the past couple of weeks in Iqaluit. My last update included some interesting festivities and I’ve been more or less doing much of the same. On my days off, I have devoted most of my time to exploring the surrounding landscape. The weekend after my last post, I decided to take off on a hike that has been done by many of the local people who have settled in this area for thousands of years, the hike along the coast to the nearby “suburb “of Iqaluit, Apex. Luckily, the weather had gotten quite nice, which unfortunately brought on the one problem I’ve found with this city, but is definitely a familiar one with the north... the mosquitoes. Usually, when there is a ... read more
Old Hudson's Bay Buildings
Koojesse Inlet
Balancing Rock

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit July 9th 2012

This has been a trip I've wanted to do for a long time... A working trip in Nunavut Territory, Canada. The timing hasn't worked out in past opportunities, so in mid June when all the stars aligned, I accepted my first Psychiatric Nursing contract in Iqaluit. I've always had some idea of what the north was like and have done some research, but somewhere as foreign as northern Canada; it’s tough to get a grasp. From what I understood, it’s not exactly a tourist hotspot. My overnight layover was in Ottawa and after a fairly painless flight; I checked into my hotel. I had some dinner and met two girls at the bar who were heading up to Pangnirtung, another community in Nunavut. We both had similar curiosities about up north and it was nice to ... read more
View from my Window
Tundra Flowers
Lunar Building & "Igloo Church"

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit July 9th 2011

The Midnight cruise around the icebergs was beautiful. Rhe sun stayed rather high, but the light change and the icebergs looked magic. It is a popular tour and three small boats with about 10 people each were cruising around. m,, and causing a nuisance for the people of Ilulissat, who get annoyed by the noise the boats make late at night. Next morning I checked the weather of my next destination, Iqaluit (ex Froshiber Bay), one of the two possible Airports of Entry in NE Canada. And it was bad - heavy fog had closed the airport (100 ft ceiling). The forecast promised some improvement later that day, so I had time. The problem is that there are no alternate airports in the vicinity of Iqaluit - the next airport is 130 nm away, has no ... read more
flight track to Canada
a glimpse of Canada
in Iqaluit

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit January 29th 2011

Good afternoon there fellow humans! I was supposed to get around to doing another update yesterday but as it turns out, I didn't. Simple. I guess where I left off on my updates so far was the ending of my first night in Iqaluit. You know, eating wings, poutine, and being accosted by an intoxicated local. It's been super neat since then. The day after my last entry was a lot more tame, though. I believe it was because of the fact of how horridly cold it was outside. I'm pretty sure it was -30 something. If not, well then it was damn cold. Ryan had been borrowing a friends truck for the first day or two of me being here so it's been quite helpful. During that day we were able to do somemore sightseeing ... read more

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit January 27th 2011

Well well well, look who finally decided to jump back on here. It's definitely been awhile since I last updated this thing. I don't even think that I finished updating my blog from my DBA Tour in 2007. You know, the whole Vancouver Island trip? Yeah, that one. Well as you can see I've jumped out the window for another adventure! I'm currently chiiling in Iqaluit Nunavut. Haha chilling.... I think right now it's pretty warm out. The temp is looking somewhere in the area of -35 I believe. I just arrived yesterday afternoon. It was a weird way to get up here. The old room mates (parents) were gracious enough to drive me to Ottawa to catch my flight. With that being said, we had to leave Hamilton at midnight and drive all night to ... read more

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit August 26th 2009

We are very lucky because our weather has been pretty warm over the last couple of weeks. The temperature actually reached 14C the other day. But I have to say that we have had a couple of cooler/cold days when the north wind blows. The mosquitoes actually hung in there until about a week ago. When Michael and I were walking out at the park the mosquitoes loved us. Luckily at the very last minute before leaving for our hike I threw my mosquito jacket/hood in my pack and Michael put the bug spray in his pack. I was very happy to put on the jacket because there wasn't a lot of wind to help us get rid of the blood thirsty varmints!!!! We walked around the park and then went over to the falls on ... read more
3 arctic char
3 inuit fishing in front of the falls
Michael flying over the water

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit August 12th 2009

some pictures I have taken around the city of Iqaluit since arriving here in June 2009.... read more
teeth and jaw bone of a fox
carving of a bear next to the post office
granite alter in Catholic Church here in Iqaluit

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit August 10th 2009

Well my time in the arctic is quickly coming to an end for yet another year. I can't believe I/we will be leaving here in a little over a couple of weeks. Mind you Michael will be heading back to Ottawa in late September for a couple of weeks and then back here to Iqaluit in early October until December. That is, after we have gone on an Alaskan Cruise to Glacier Bay with my folks, my sister, Catherine and her hubby Edward and my brother, Alvin. Yeah, there's nothing like leaving the eastern Arctic to go and visit the western Arctic eh? We are starting to get pretty excited about the trip! We are taking this trip to celebrate my Dad and Mom's upcoming 60th wedding anniversary on April 10, 2010. Things have cooled down ... read more
 mushroom growing in the antler lichen
small mushroom
boats down by the causeway

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Iqaluit July 24th 2009

Hello there, I hope everyone is having as nice as summer as we are here in Iqaluit. Since arriving on June 21st I can actually count the days on one hand that have been rainy or cloudy. The temperature today is supposed to get up to 23 C yet again. Michael is travelling for 10 days with 3 other co-workers. They are travelling down south this time. They will be in N.B., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and then back to Nunavut. I really miss Michael and am looking forward to his return next week. In the meantime I have been getting out for walks in the evening. My new walking buddy, Denise and I ventured out a couple of nights ago and we were rewarded with a very strong wind which kept most of the mosquitoes away, ... read more
Seaside bluebells
mix of flowers
kayakers out in Frobisher Bay

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