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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 6th 2005

Sometimes the emotional roller coaster of life decides to give you a hell of a ride. This is the description of the ride that took place on the day of September 5, 2005. Low- After a night of drunken debauchery in which Darcy and I drank heavily at PEI National Park with some new friends from Hamilton, the next morning began shockingly early, with our tent shaking violently. Apparently one of our less roudy neighbors thought that our guitar playing from the night before was not to her liking and that it was her duty to make sure our day got off to a rocky start. High-This was remedied quickly with a refreshing swim in the Atlantic, which for those who like to drink is an instant cure to even the worst hangovers. High-The emotional high ... read more
what a showman...
Im Happy!!!
Water Resistant Camera

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 24th 2005

While killing a little bit of time waiting for our gracious hosts, Trevor and Nancy, to collect us from the bus station, we ventured into the Halifax Maritime Museum on the harbour front. Ordinarily this kind of thing doesn't really float our boats (ah ha ha) but it was actually a very interesting museum. There were a number of interesting exhibits on things such as the Titanic, the Halifax Explosion, and solo sailing around the globe. That first night Trev and Nancy's dog, Bow, decided that Nic's smelly thongs (and that's the Australian version of thongs) would make a tasty treat so we spent the next day touring Halifax's shops in order to find a replacement pair. Street fight Later that night we joined a few of Trev and Nancy's friends and went a-drinking in town. ... read more
Boat owned by the Maritime Museum in Halifax Harbour
Dave, Trevor, and Trevor loving a tree
Nancy with Bow and Dune on the beach

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 27th 2005

Here are some memorable moments from Montreal... ....A reel of film is rolling behind me. On a giant screen ahead, one of Montreal's cathedrals is holding mass for the local Quebecois. We are at the height of the quiet revolution. A young man looks across the aisle at an aging woman. She is silently plucking a tune in the air with her lips. The young man studies her carefully through his thick, dangling hair. He nods and motions the people down the row to follow the unspoken lyrics. Meanwhile, I shift in my seat, and lift popcorn into my mouth. By the time I refocus my eyes on the screen, something happens. The assembly stops singing its traditional hyms. Everyone -- including the boys choir in the background -- starts lipsynching the "oohh-ooohs" of the popular ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 25th 2005

Once again, thanks to everyone who wrote a quick comment on my Winnipeg story. Writing back always takes time -- so I appreciate your messages, and I hope you keep replying. As the comments pile up on the "blog," we seem to be starting our own little 'discussion' group for family and friends. I think it's neat! Toronto was surreal, but beautiful nonetheless! For those who are expecting an account of smog and awful smells, you will be disappointed. The train gently rocked through a dense ravine on its way to Union station. It was like sliding through a rain forest, only there would be the odd apartment complex that would rise out of the foliage. According to a native Torontonian on-board, there are few pathways that run along the creeks and rivers in the valley. ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 24th 2005

Hi folks. Thanks for your e-mails and for your best wishes. I'm sorry I could not make an entry earlier. I could have gone hunting for an "Internet Cafe" at some of the stop-over cities; but the destinations were just to exciting (and I did not have that much time to waste). The first major stop was in Winnipeg. I had 45 minutes to check out the Fork's market, while a crew change was underway on the train. I was able to see the new footbridge that connects the French quarter to the rest of the city (I cannot remember the name now; but I will check for more info when I return). There is a restaurant/cafe at the centre of the bridge ... We studied the site briefly in one of my urban/architecture studies seminars. ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia May 19th 2005

Hey, Here's a few pictures of the Valley to remind me of home. They pretty much show the landscape very well. Mark... read more
The Lookoff
Baxter's Harbour

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia December 21st 2004

Hi all, This is the first entry of our travel page. So here goes the first of many editions of our journal. After racing out the doors of our respective jobs Charlotte and I crammed as much of our one bedroom apartment as we could into a storage container. We then went out for a few final drinks with friends in Vancouver. Left all the errands we didn't get to with our good friend James (Cheers J.), put Elli the cat on a plane for Nova Scotia and followed a day later. We're now at my parent's horse farm outside Halifax. Elli is coping. She's still a bit intimidated by the great dane and coon hound who are anxious to play with her. Her appetite hasn't been affected. Have had a great week so far. Spent ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton November 20th 2001

Dec 11, 2001 Hi everyone, this is my last official e-mail about the trip. I thought I would let everyone know that I finished uploading and sorting through the last of my online pictures. I added the last pictures form Nepal and cleaned them up some. I reorganized them into albums for each place I went. There are now 130 pictures in total on the site; however, I still have over 1,000 pictures to be developed! I literally have a world of pictures. Around the World and Back, Joel... read more

28 July 2000 Friday. I worked until noon while Linda packed up the car and organized the house. She likes to have the house in pristine order before we leave for a trip. Our neighbors Tom and Wendy would take care of our cats; we always took care of their cats when they were on vacation. I got home at 12:15 pm expecting to depart immediately. But there were errands; to buy a hostess gift, snacks for the trip and lunch. We finally hit the road at 1:30 pm heading north on US 15 to I-81. He hot heavy traffic and rain in Scranton. At 6:30 we called our hotel for that night in Syracuse to see if our friends, Buz and Kathy, who would be joining us on the trip had arrived yet. They had ... read more
Boldt Castle in/on the Thousand Islands
Boldt Castle in/on the Thousand Islands
Boldt Castle in/on the Thousand Islands

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 23rd 2000

My first international adventure wasn’t much of an adventure rather than a relaxing cruise spent on a Carnival ship. My family and I took a five day cruise to the modern port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The cruise itself was a blast. There were several pools and hot tubes, great food, and something to keep everyone entertained including comedy shows. Heading out of our port in New York City I was extremely excited for this Canadian adventure. As a young traveler and without much knowledge of Nova Scotia, I envisioned a lush forest expanding as far as my eyes could see, filled with a variety of wildlife, especially moose (for some reason I have a huge obsession with moose). I was rather shocked, and slightly disappointed to see that Halifax was a very modern city. ... read more
Peggy's Cove
Peggy's Cove

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