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September 12th 2009
Published: September 25th 2009
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Bluenose II Docked in LunenburgBluenose II Docked in LunenburgBluenose II Docked in Lunenburg

Night shot of our tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but she is beautiful...
Lunenburg NS

Lunenburg!!! YAY... After 2 days in Halifax we set sail to Lunenburg and entered the harbour with eyes wide opened and hearts racing with excitement. We had been dreaming of this moment even since years ago, while lounging in our living room watching the Tall Ship Chronicles. We knew that the Tall ship “Picton Castle” was docked there so we were full of piss and vinegar when we pulled into port. While motoring towards the city, we called a few places to see if they could provide a berth for a 60 foot sailboat and were shut down by all the local marinas because there was an “event” in town that we were not aware of. We were offered a mooring, but could not be guaranteed it could hold our 30 ton weight, so needless to say...we were getting a little antsy. At the moment when we were about to turn around to go anchor somewhere OUTSIDE the harbour, we were motioned by a gentleman along the waterfront dock to come and dock there. It was well appreciated and right outside the Atlantic Maritime Museum, smack in the center of town! What luck!!! And we were informed that
Town of Lunenburg Town of Lunenburg Town of Lunenburg

The view of the town of Lunenburg as we sailed in from inside the cape
we had arrived just in time for the Lunenburg Seafood Festival which started that evening! Could things get any better? As it turns out...they can!!! Once all dock lines were secured, we quickly changed into our “landlubber” clothes and climbed up the ladder of the creosote wall to reach the top of the dock.

We took a quick look around and couldn’t believe our eyes... We were 2 docks away from the Bluenose II and 3 docks from the Picton Castle. And the best part of all is that we were stationed within crawling distance of the BEER tent. This was by far the sweetest place we could ever had hope to be...

We attended several events of the Seafood festival, including some food samplings, Maritime fiddle playing concert and Scallop shucking contest. We boarded the Bluenose and got to touch all the tarred lines and Bristol woodwork this beauty had to offer. On our last day there (Tuesday), we acquired a new crew member. She comes from the S.H.A.I.D. tree animal shelter and she’s a real little darling. We were adopted in very little time and “ShellSea” has grown accustomed to the boat very quickly. She’s an
Bluenose II    Bluenose II    Bluenose II

Bluenose II arriving from an overnight stay in Halifax.
oriental short haired black cat and is part Siamese. She’s agile, talkative and loves to snuggle. We couldn’t have asked or a better companion. She loves to catch and eat flies and mosquitoes to boot! Now that’s a good cat!!! (Still working on teaching her how to get beers out of the ice box!!)

We somewhat reluctantly left Lunenburg after 3 days, but knew we had to go because we had to keep heading south/west (unless we wanted to wake up one day soon with snow on the deck) and to get out of often unpredictable waters of the north Atlantic which we like to refer to as Mother Nature’s ingown toenail (we are using a family friendly vocabulary, but would normally identify it as somewhere closer to the “Blow Hole” if you were to ask...)

Annie, Eric & ShellSea onboard s/v WeBeSailing

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Bluenose IIBluenose II
Bluenose II

Bluenose II arriving from an overnight stay in Halifax.
Picton Castle Docked in her slip (Lunenburg NS)Picton Castle Docked in her slip (Lunenburg NS)
Picton Castle Docked in her slip (Lunenburg NS)

She is going to spend the winter moored here getting ready to commence her 2010 world voyage. We did see Capitan Dan Moreland at the Dory Shop in town.
Shucking ContestShucking Contest
Shucking Contest

Scallop shucking contest during the Seafood Festival in Lunenburg NS.

Our new crew member getting used to life onboard s/v WeBeSailing (the hard way)
ShellSea ShellSea

Our new crew member getting used to life onboard s/v WeBeSailing (the hard way)

28th September 2009

Hi...I am glad to see ShellSea(Ziva) is adapting so well to the seafaring way of life....she is from Lunenburg County after all lol...I was the one to do up your paperwork for ShellSea at the Shaid animal shelter and thought I would stop by your site to see how she was her new name and she looks quite at home....Wishing the three of you all the best for a safe voyage...fair winds all the way...Your friends from Shaid...give Shellsea pets and hugs from all of us...

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