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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove September 27th 2019

Day 8: Today dawned sunny and beautiful so we decided to take a ride about 30 miles away to Peggy's Cove. But...then we noticed we'd be going right by Fairview Cemetery, where many of the Titanic graves are so... we decided to go there first. Going in and out of the city we were crossing toll bridges at $1 per crossing. We didn't have a dollar coin this time, but guess what w... read more
Headstones Titanic
King Headstone

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove August 21st 2019

Morning was bright and sunny as we sailed into Halifax. We had selected a Princess shore excursion to Peggy's Cove. The guide and coach driver were excellent. The guide explained he was a "CFA" or Come From Away, as he was originally from Ontario. Yet, he was very knowledgeable about Nova Scotia and Halifax. I had the good fortune to have a seat near the windshield of the coach. The driver saw I liked to take pictures and pointed out upcoming sights as we drove along. The route took us from Halifax along St. Margaret's Bay, passing many picturesque coastal villages such as Hackett's Cove. Peggy's Cove is located near the entrance to St. Margaret's Bay. The village probably takes its name from the bay, but there are many folk legends as to its origin. The ... read more
Rockbound Coastline of St. Margaret's Bay
Dancing Rock
Granite Blocks at Peggy's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove September 1st 2016

Halifax and Peggys Cove – 1 September 2016 We checked into the Chocolate Lake Hotel (yes it was next to a brown lake) for our last 2 nights in Nova Scotia. We had dinner in the hotel which we rarely have done on this holiday. The next morning, we got up early (well 7.00am is early!!!!) as we were heading west along the southern coast for Lunenburg and on the way back, Peggys Cove. What a fantastic day we had. We decided to drive along the freeway out to Lunenburg and drive back to Halifax along the coast. We easily found a park in Lunenburg after an hour’s drive from Halifax. Lunenburg is a small fishing town in Nova Scotia first established in 1753. The Old Town of Lunenburg was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage ... read more
Peggys Cove Lighthouse (5)
Peggys Cove Lighthouse (3)
Peggys Cove Lighthouse (2)

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove September 6th 2013

A beautiful hot day on the Atlantic coast. Just the day for a short drive. The guide book said that Peggy's Cove was the area to go to. All of the trips go there and have kilted tour guides, something to do with Scotland I suppose!? The drive was mainly by the coast and led us into several small hamlets with churches...Prospect Bay, Dover, Queensland, Indian Harbour, Hacketts Cove Glen Margaret. French Village, Shad Bay, Hobbard's Bay , Mc Grath Cove and Peggys Cove. The houses had lovely water outlooks and often private rights onto the water edge. Community . The light on the water was stunning and the quaintness of the houses perched on outcrops with beautiful coloured walls. All surrounded on the land ward side by evergreen trees. The local fare is based around ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove April 15th 2013

If you love lighthouses, Nova Scotia is the place for you! There are over 160historical lighthouses scattered along the 7400 km coastline. In fact, Nova Scotia has the more lighthouses that any other province in Canada... although, really.. is that a surprise? there's not much competition - most of the country is landlocked. The oldest working lighthouse in North America is there - 82 feet tall, built in 1758, and located on Sambro Island! Thinking that's very old, I Googled to see how 1758 compares to the oldest working lighthouse in the world... and I found the Tower of Hercules, which is an ancient Roman lighthouse built some time late in the 1st century (probably during the reign of Trajan, betwe... read more
Fishermans' Monument
Swissair Flight 111
Lighthouse route

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove September 22nd 2012

We woke this morning to the sound of a fog horn, sea gulls, and crows, three of the most pleasant sounds in the world, at least to our ears. I find it amusing that I so love the sound of sea gulls when I usually find their presence annoying, as when picnicking on the beach when they are trying to steal my food! It's another foggy day in Halifax, and in a few minutes we will be leaving on a bus tour of Lunenberg and Peggy's Cove. Not the best weather for viewing things at a distance, perhaps, but as Roberta observed this morning, there's another kind of beauty in photos of fog. We're really enjoying saying in this small hostel. The building in which it is situated dates from 1864! It has 10 foot ceillings, ... read more
Peggy's Cove
Retirement plan
Classic cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove August 5th 2010

Cloudy day, but great scenery!!!! Ate Fish & Chip's from a grease truck!!!! Yummy!!!!... read more
Citadel Entrance
Margaret can take him!!!
Citadel Moat

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove July 21st 2010

I seem to have skipped a few days, so I 'll go back a couple. Left Halifax and had my first breakfast at Peggy's Cove, we were the first bus there so it wasn't crowded. BEAUTIFUL. Picture perfect town and lighthouse. Then a walking tour of historic Lunenburg. I love the Maritimes.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove May 31st 2010

May 29-31, 2010 Peggy’s Cove Light House and Digby, NS After leaving the Cabot Trail I headed down to Halifax via Coastal Highway 316. The route took me through quaint Atlantic Ocean seaside fishing villages that probably don’t get many tourists. The skills of fishing have been handed down from generation to generation. It’s kind of like our family farms in the Midwest…trying to carve out a living but seeing large corporate farms buying up all the small family farms. Along the fishing villages, the fishermen were complaining about the price of their catch while large fishing “ships” are taking away their livelihood. Many will sell their boats when they retire as no family member wants to carry on the tradition. One cannot travel fast in Nova Scotia especially when traveling along the coast. The roads ... read more
The "Daniel P" Fishing Boat
Lobster Traps
West Dover, NS

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove July 9th 2009

Today I decided to venture beyond Halifax and see a bit more of Nova Scotia. I rented a car and headed out from the city. First destination: Peggy's Cove. I'm not sure why I felt drawn to go there. But just the name of the place is one I know I've known since I was a kid, so it seemed like a good place to start. The rural highway was pretty quiet, yet when I reached Peggy's Cove, suddenly I discovered a couple hundred other people also coming out to see the village! I spent about an hour just wandering through the village and walking around the famous lighthouse. I climbed over the various rocks at the water's edge, taking pictures, enjoying the sunshine, people-watching. It's pretty and quaint and calming there. But after about an ... read more
Around Peggy's Cove
Mahone Bay
Welcome To Peggy's Cove

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