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May 5th 2016
Published: May 20th 2016
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Peggy's CovePeggy's CovePeggy's Cove

A small fishing town near Halifax
Eastern Canada is as close to the United Kingdom and Europe as it is to Canada's own west coast. This is evident in the grocery stores, in particular, at the cheese department, which are often overflowing with European cheeses! Red Leicester, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale, Caerphilly, Edam and Brie! The choice of cheeses is wonderful! We are both big cheese fans, so this refrigerated paradise was one of our favourite hang-outs whilst stocking up on the daily supplies.

Really sharp and aged Cheddar is often our go-to cheese-of-choice, but we were spoiled! Cheddar infused with Irish whisky, with cranberries or apricots, smoked gouda, Camembert, and Stilton.

Cheese is milk's attempt at immortality! Fermented and moldy, old and crumbly or with holes in it... It is a remarkable food...

You can buy a box of crackers and some delicious cheese for about the same cost of burger, fries and a pop. Honestly, what would you prefer?

Walking through the store, we stumble upon more cheese... Parmesan, Mozzarella, Philadelphia cream cheese. Cheese in tubes and jars and boxes. Triangles and squares, wax-covered spheres... With chives, garlic, hot peppers!

Early immigrants were told that the streets of Canada were paved with gold... It was probably a typo - it should've been 'paved with cold'. However, we think that the streets were paved in cheese... The stores certainly are!

Halifax has more than just a good selection of cheese though. The restaurant and bar scene is bustling and the museums and historic buildings are numerous and interesting. The surrounding area is diverse and rugged with lakes, forest, hills and ocean, and like most of Canada, it seems to be almost void of human life. We always find it remarkable at just how empty Canada is...

That's all the more cheese for us! That's grate!

Even the Eurythmics sang a song about the beloved cheese. "Sweet dreams are made of cheese"

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Mahone BayMahone Bay
Mahone Bay

The three Churches in the village of Mahone Bay
Lunenburg StreetsLunenburg Streets
Lunenburg Streets

The Historic core of Lunenburg is recognized by UNESCO as the best example of a planned British colonial town.

About an hour out of Halifax
Keji CoastKeji Coast
Keji Coast

Kejimkujik National Park
Empty beachesEmpty beaches
Empty beaches

Kejimkujik National Park
Grey SealsGrey Seals
Grey Seals

Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik National Park
The bike trailThe bike trail
The bike trail

Near Halifax
Boreal ForestBoreal Forest
Boreal Forest

The Bluff Trail on the Halifax outskirts
Rana palustrisRana palustris
Rana palustris

A nice surprise on the trail
The CannonThe Cannon
The Cannon

Parks Canada Staff reliving the earlier days of Canada - The Citadel, Halifax
The Grand StairwayThe Grand Stairway
The Grand Stairway

Photo of a photo. The inside of the infamous Titanic... The Maritime Museum - Halifax
John FranklinJohn Franklin
John Franklin

In his search for the famed Northwest Passages of Canada's massive Arctic Archipelago. Maritime Museum
The LighthouseThe Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

The fascinating stories of lighthouses at the Maritime Museum

Pier 21 and the Immigration Museum, Halifax
Welcome to CanadaWelcome to Canada
Welcome to Canada

The sign that greeted most immigrants to Canada during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

20th May 2016

Cheesey Baseel.
20th May 2016

If you have not, be sure to try the following: Beemster, and Vella Dried Monterey Jack (Mezzo Secco) available from Vella Cheese of Sonoma, CA YUMMY!!!
21st May 2016
The Lighthouse

Cheese tease!
I was literally salivating as I read of the cheeses available. I bought some 'cheddar' here in Peru, which turned out to be inedible processed cheese. I read that Nova Scotia was inviting Americans to immigrate if Trump is elected. Museums, wild trails and cheese are certainly enough to draw me!
22nd May 2016
The Lighthouse

Monterry Jack? Havarti perhaps?
We really do feel for you Tara Cloud! Plastic cheese disguised as cheddar, with the texture of jelly bean and the aroma of diesel... It is such a crime that stores would even stock such an awful product! We will be thinking of you next time we purchase cheese...
24th May 2016

Addicted to cheese
Dave says he will have it engraved on my urn, "she loved cheese". My mouth is waiting as I read your blog. Cheese, cheese and more cheese please. When you come to Florida to see us we'll have to have a cheese tasting.
24th May 2016

Missed cheese opportunity!
We are cheese-aholics! I missed my opportunity to raid your fridge of cheese, I was in Fort Lauderdale last week for a work related course. I was only there for three days though - next time! You could also raid our fridge if you ever head to northern Manitoba?

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