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December 8th 2008
Published: December 8th 2008
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Flying over LondonFlying over LondonFlying over London

I'm heading home to rest from all of my travels.
I have been home for less than a week and typically the weather has changed dramatically. Wait another day and it will change back, at least until winter has truly settled in.
Everything is good here. Animals were well taken care of, gases prices dropped forty cents and all friends and family are fine. Canadian politicians have gotten lively. The minority government, extreme-right-from centre party, has lost the confidence of many people. The other parties attempted a coup, creating a coalition of the slightly-left of centre party, the really-left of centre party and the Quebec separatists who want out of Canada. They all agree that the current Prime Minister must be removed and are willing to work together to run this country until the next election. When my plane landed in Toronto it seemed as if the coalition might remove P.M. Harper and I was glad. The Governor-General, who represents the Queen, returned early from touring Europe to deal with the crisis. The Queen, or her representative, has the power to dismiss parliament, and to give judgment about government loopholes.
To avoid the coup, P.M. Harper asked the Governor-General to grant prorogue, a suspension of parliament until January 26th. (see website:

Afternoon sun and coffee to help me get over jet-lag
And if this wasn't enough excitement, the leader of the slightly-left of centre party is facing fierce competition for his job. He was elected leader based on his environment goals, I think, but he doesn't have the charisma to become a Prime Minister. Most bets are on Michael Ignatieff to become the next Liberal party leader, and he has the charisma to go far in politics.
I won't be in Canada when parliament resumes and the fur flies and another coup will happen. I will have to google for news at the end of January to see if I'll get a new Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, closer to home, I put winter tires on the car, got the winter bedding out, took the summer screens off the windows, brought in the last of the flower pots, dug out boots, mittens and hats just in time for today's snow.
Rain is forecasted for tomorrow, so enjoy the wintry photos that I took today. The critters and I are in for the day. Long walks can wait until tomorrow.

Additional photos below
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Front GateFront Gate
Front Gate

Axel and Quill coming inside. Quill has new doghouse (right top corner)
Few Days LaterFew Days Later
Few Days Later

Quill coming in from the cold this morning

Unpacked bags and washed clothes when I got home.
Clothes Line this morningClothes Line this morning
Clothes Line this morning

View from my side deck. Guess I'll use the dryer today.
Nap timeNap time
Nap time

Callie has chair, while Axel and Quill get mat.

Tommy (cat) gets the smaller mat
Callie on trailCallie on trail
Callie on trail

Took dogs for a walk to stretch my legs after a very long flight. (a few days ago)
Thin IceThin Ice
Thin Ice

Axel near small pond. "No, don't go in the ice!"

The girls are healthy and happy

She is staying inside today to avoid the snow

Just got up from his nap

Tommy gets a bite to eat while wind howls outside.

View from my kitchen window this afternoon
Chicken CoopChicken Coop
Chicken Coop

This morning I went to let the chickens out
Quill in chicken yardQuill in chicken yard
Quill in chicken yard

Black dogs show up in snow
Dorothy and AbbyDorothy and Abby
Dorothy and Abby

Abby was a chick when I left, now look at her. (she's the big one) ha ha Photo taken a couple of days ago
Henrietta and ConnieHenrietta and Connie
Henrietta and Connie

I think they chose to stay inside. I haven't seen them strolling around outside

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