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November 25th 2007
Published: November 28th 2007
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Hello Everyone

Just thought I would let you all know, that I am in fact still alive. I haven't succumbed to hypothermia just as yet - this might have something to do with the multiple layers I have on (right now I am wearing 2 poly pro tops, a t-shirt, my ice breaker, a down jacket, long johns, trousers, my red possum socks and hat, and gloves. And this is only November). It was beautiful and sunny outside though - it's just a pity about the -5 degree side of things.

I've had to consult my diary to figure out what I've done since I last updated the blog. I think it was just before Halloween. Halloween is quite a big deal here, as it is in the States, so when in Rome.... The night started with a costumed man hunt (grown ups hide and sneak mixed with Tag in suburban Halifax), then as the Aussies in our group had never being trick or treating before, we thought it prudent to teach them. Needles to say, we got a few strange looks, but it's amazing what you can get away with when you speak with a strange accent! After we collected our bags of sweets, we joined half the adult population of Halifax at the pub, where almost everyone was in costume. The week of Halloween was spent answering the phones for the Canadian Cancer Society.

The following week was spent in Sydney (that’s Sydney Nova Scotia, not Sydney Australia!) with Elisa. Sydney it’s self is not much of a tourist attraction, the major entry in the lonely planet mentions a certain tar pond, one of the most polluted sites in North America. The area is a bit depressed since industry closures a few years back. On the plus side Sydney is close to Cape Breton and the heaps of hikes you can do there. Elisa and I had loads of fun walking up to the North River water fall. The 18km track followed the river up to the waterfall through the leafless trees and followed up the ridge for an awesome view over the waterfall and across the valley. Miles of leafless trees looks so bizarre; it has an erry feeling to it. Elisa had just moved back to Sydney from NZ and Oz, so I helped her move into her flat and to celebrate we dined like stars (well, stars on a serious budget!) with Atlantic salmon, fresh scallops and Nova Scotia wine. Those in Masterton should keep an eye out for photos in the midweek! Anyway, it was an awesome week. Thanks Elisa 😊

After Sydney, it was back to earth and Halifax (first snow fall on the ride back too). My diary fails me a bit here. The previous two weeks have been spent answering phones for a couple of different companies and volunteering for the hostel for free accommodation on the days when I’m not working. Halifax has heaps going on, which is cool. We’ve spent many evenings listening to Signal Hill at the Lower Deck, attended free art gallery openings (for the art not for the free wine and food, really!!!), numerous DVD and ice cream nights at the hostel and the Christmas parade and lighting of the Christmas tree. So all is good.

The next plan is to head down to Kejimkujik National park for the next couple of weeks to volunteer for the blanding turtle monitoring, red oak distribution, and possibly flying squirrel research. The work down there sounds pretty cool and I’m really looking forward to it.

I hope everyone is having fun and I’ll try to update my blog a bit more regularly in future!


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28th November 2007

At least you still have your scarve to add when it starts to get really cold!!!! Good luck with the Turtles......
30th November 2007

So possums aren't sooo bad :P Just so long as they're dead and their fur is made into warm clothing?

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