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Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, 5 juillet La célébrissime Cabot Trail se déguste, on s'y attarde, on s'ébaubit et on en redemande! Ces trois cents kilomètres d'une des routes les plus photographiées au monde offrent des paysages magnifiques... Je retrouvai le coin avec bonheur, y étant passé en vitesse il y a sept ans avant de m'embarquer vers Terre-Neuve (sans parler de la visite en famille au milieu des années 1970...). Ingonish (la plage de galets ronds et la Keltic Lodge), White Point (la vue sur la baie d'Aspy, oula!), Cabot's landing (ici, il y a controverse car on prétend aussi à Bonavista, Terre-Neuve, que c'est l'endroit où Giovanni Caboto a découvert le Nord de l'Amérique en 1497) et surtout Meat Cove, ce bout de route et bout du monde où j'ai campé sur la pointe (de là, ... read more

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, 29 August 2016 From Port Hood we headed for the famous Cabot Trail including around Cape Breton Highlands National Park. One problem, it was raining and we had planned to go for hikes in the highlands. One advantage was that it wasn’t too cold but the wind at photographic stops was strong. I was the keen photographer so battled with the wind but oh it was worth it! The scenery was stunning. On the way we stopped at Grand Etang to visit a very interesting Mask Museum, the Centre de la Mi-careme. Mi-Careme is an ancient tradition developed in France to relieve people of the sacrifices of Lent. Since that time, the event has been lost in several places and modified in others. The Arcadian region of Northern Cape Breton has successfully ... read more
Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands (12)
Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands (10)
Bogs and marshes on Cabot Trail

What an awesome time at Cape Breton! What a breath taking drive. I took so many photos that I will have to add a separate blog post on the pictures on the trails through the Cabot Trail. The next chapter with the trail photos will be uploaded shortly. They are a must see as well as these ones. Hopefully you will experience some breath taking views in both chapters. Again words have escape me and pictures will have to tell the novel. Interesting that we noticed that each province so far have different moose and deer crossing signs. One of the most beautiful drives in my life.....if nothing else the journey just to this trail was more than worth it! We have been having the time of our lives!... read more

The third and final day of my tour along the Cabot trail. I followed the Coastal (more scenic) route from Cape North toward Ingonish. Passed thru White Point and Neils's Harbour, both scenic fishing villages. Although it was raining as I left early in the morning, by the time I got to the Coastal trail the sun came out and it turned out to be a fine sunny day. This was the most enjoyable hike of the trip and a must do if you are in the area. Ocean coves, waves crashing against the rocks, the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean. You can get down and dirty on this trail as it follows the coast with ample opportunity to scramble off the beaten path (with due caution of course). There are numerous observation areas ... read more
Neil's Harbour
View from the Coastal Trail (Black Brook beach)
View from Coastal trail

Day 2 of my trip around the Cabot Trail starting from Pleasant Bay. Hiked the Skyline Trail; one of the more popular trails in the park. A 9.2 km looped trail taking around 3 hours. It culminates in a boardwalk of 265 steps ( I counted), which takes you down to numerous observation points overlooking the rugged coast. You can also catch a glimpse of the winding Cabot Trail as it snakes its way up and down. This was followed by a short hike along MacIntosh Brook trail - a 30 minute return trip with a small waterfall at the end. Off to Beaulach Ban Falls, the highest waterfall in the park. Luckily it can be viewed as a roadside waterfall being at the end of a short gravel road. It was flowing feebly this day ... read more
View of the St Lawrence River from the Skyline Trail
Observation boardwalk - 265 steps!
The Cabot Trail

September 14, 2013 Ceilidh Trail Said goodbye to Halifax and Dartmouth at 8:15 AM, nice cities but we're ready for some countryside. We crossed the Canso Causeway onto Cape Breton Island, one of the "must do's" of this trip. The island's roads are divided into themed "trails" by the tourism bureau. We started out on the Ceilidh Trail up the west side of the island. The focus of this trail is Celtic heritage and music and you hear it everywhere you stores, in pubs and restaurants, and even from car stereos. We decided to stop by the Red Shoe Pub for lunch in Mabou which is owned by the famous (not to us, though) Rankin sisters, an experience we highly recommend. At noon it was as lively as can be with loud conversations and Celtic ... read more
Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail
Mabou, Nova Scotia

I moved across the park to the Atlantic side of Cape Breton Highlands. The drive across the top of the highlands is stunning with views down to the sea. The camp ground at Broad Cove is much more my style. There is a lot of space between most camp sites and lots of trees for those of us who create tarp cities. My spot has no one around me at all, there are not many camping any more. I thought that I was coming to this side to get some real paddling time, but it's raining again and the last soaking is giving me pause. So I'm off to try the Coastal Trail. This trail starts in boreal forest on a well gravelled wide path and I start to feel let down. I get to the ... read more

Today, I would do a short hike and then go into Cheticamp for music at The Dorryman Pub from 2-6. I set off for Corney Brook. This trail follows the brook up the wooded canyon till you reach the falls of this brook. I now know that all the trails here are wide and easy to walk. This one climbs a bit along the stream with maple and alder trees. So you must imagine the ripple and flow of the water creating background music, the sun catching light in the water and sending flickers through the leaves overhead. It was lovely and peacefully. I even stopped to do quiet sitting meditation by the water. The water fall was pretty, falling maybe 30 feet. You hike back along the same trail, but I find that it all ... read more

I left Gros Morne for JT Cheeseman Provincial Park. It's right by Port Aux Basques and the ferry. By crazy coincidence, I met Jacob and his dad on the highway so I got an early hug in. Sometimes, I believe that I am just going to cruise through a place, do chores and nothing will register. The campsite was really great, big sites, hardly any people. My site was on a loop where no one else was camping and a stream bordered one side with a huge brook and water fall bordering the other side of my site. I slept well to the sound of running water, even though there was also torrential down pour over night. By morning, the winds had picked up; the rains had not stopped and the ferry was cancelled. I was ... read more

Day 12: We’re staying three nights at Cabot Trail CG near Baddeck, NS so today and tomorrow at day trip days. Today we drove the Cabot trail counter clockwise so most of the “look offs” would be on the right side of the road. That strategy worked pretty well - - Only problem is that the important sites are listed the other way. Worked out OK. It rained lightly off and on most of the day. Gena and Charlie saw a Bald Eagle just as we were turning on to the highway from the campground about 9AM. We saw lots of beautiful rocky shore and tree covered mountains. The highest peak is 1745 ft. They were all close to the same height and were a plateau that had deep valleys formed by erosion. Makes for a ... read more
Saint Ann's Bay
Sea Gull

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