Foggy Labrador

Published: August 9th 2019
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August 4, 2019 – Red Bay, Labrador - Weather: 54°F/12°C, Heavy fog enveloped the ship by 9:30 am, heavy rains in pm, clearing skies at sailing with heavy cloud bank on horizon, wind 17.1 mph, humidity 87°

This port’s claim to fame is that it is considered one of the most complete and well-preserved examples of a historic whaling station in Canada. As such it is today a National Historic Site that offers visitors a glimpse into the history and lifestyle of the 16th-century whalers.

The site didn’t attract much attention until the early 20th century and it wasn’t until the late 1970’s that underwater exploration discovered sunken artifacts that answered some long-held secrets.

We had planned to take the tenders ashore and do a simple self-guided tour of the town and the whaling station so we opted to take a late breakfast and wait until the few shore excursions had been ferried ashore. While we were eating the ship was enveloped by a dense fog bank prompting the Captain to announce that he was suspending tender service going ashore until the fog lifted. Several tenders on their way ashore actually had to turn back due to the risks of running aground. The thick fog lasted for 2 hours or more and by the time we had finished lunch it had lifted to be replaced by a drenching rain. We opted to stay onboard, prepare our second load of laundry, go read and stay dry.

Throughout the day we could make out the shape of a large iceberg sitting out in the channel off to our starboard. It must have been grounded, the wind and the tides having no effect on it, as it did not move all day. On sailing out of the harbour the Captain sailed within 500 meters of it to give us all a superb photo opportunity.

After dinner we enjoyed the music of Nestor Santurio, a talented guitar player and vocalist.

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