Miramichi - Moncton - Five Islands

Published: September 11th 2009
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1: Windy Day 36 secs
welcome to nova scotiawelcome to nova scotiawelcome to nova scotia

note the flags in background.
I'm scribbling some notes on the past few days in the early morning hours as I wait for the sun to heat things up and dry out my tent here at Five Islands park.
I left Bryan a few days ago in Bouctouche NB then I continued on to Moncton. It was great to have company for the week, but also I enjoy riding alone, so that I may go at my own pace and not feel guilty about stopping at a chip truck in front of one of the fittest 55yr olds i've ever met. I wish Bryan all the best as he ventures now around PEI and probably has about 2 weeks before finally ending his journey at Cape Spear (most eastern point).
Two nights ago I enjoyed the hospitality of Sophie in Moncton. We couldn't really do much, because; A: I showed up 3 hours late, B: she messed her back while dancing up (as I can only assume) a storm, and C: I was tired and content on staying in.
Yesterday morning I left Sophie's taking with me bannanas and dinner rolls (Sophie you were right - 3 wasn't enough) to what looked like a very promising

first order of buissness after arriving in nova scotia. obviously.
day weatherwise. However after an hour of riding I noticed dark clouds creeping in fast. Turned out to be the windiest day yet, sprinkled with a bit of rain here and there. I was batteling with fierce crosswinds pretty well all day, which at times threatened to push me over (especially on the stretch of the trans canada at the border of NB and NS). At 30km to go (Parrsborro) finally the wind subsided. At this time I was so drained of energy that I had to walk a few of the final hills that I would otherwise have had no trouble powering up. I arrived here at 7:30 (11.5 hour day) and was completley spent. The lady at the camp office recognized this and assigned me the group campsite nearby that didnt require climbing another large hill. This morning however I walked up that hill to get to the washrooms, and discovered some pretty spectacular views which I couldnt see the night previous (forgot camera at tent). I obviously don't have time to check the hiking trails out as I had hoped, so it gives me reason to return to return here, or at least to the Bay of Fundy again.
Sun is up now above the trees, time to pack up. I will be in Halifax this evening. Jodeleeoottie!


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