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Published: October 4th 2012
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The Roosevelt summer cottage.
We had a wonderful 59 days in Canada, but it was great to cross the border and be back in the good old USA. Our first stop in Calais, Maine (rhymes with Dallas) was at a gas station to fill up the RV. After spending almost 2 months paying over $5 a gallon in Canada, the price of $3.95 seemed like a great deal! Then we headed to the credit union ATM as we hadn’t had access to an appropriate ATM during our time in Canada. Last but not least we stopped at a Wal-Mart and a supermarket. It felt good to have cash in our pockets, a full gas tank and cupboards restocked with familiar brands.

Our goal was to spend a couple nights in Lubec, Maine. So yes we are back in the US, but what we wanted to see is in New Brunswick on Campobello Island. Fortunately Lubec and Campobello are connected by a bridge. As you can see from the photos we did make it to see the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt’s cottage. We toured inside, but I opted not to include those photos. I’d have probably put another stove picture. I do have something about
The neighbor's houseThe neighbor's houseThe neighbor's house

This is where we had "Tea with Eleanor"
old stoves and am always telling George to make sure and take a picture of the stove. As always we learned lots about the history of the island and the people.

Also on Campobello Island at the north end is East Quoddy Lighthouse. It is run by a volunteer group and it costs $5 a person to walk out to the island at low tide. This involves ladders/stairs and rocky paths. Then it is another $10 if you actually want to go into the lighthouse. We paid our $5 and did the walk, but opted not to go into the lighthouse or up to the tower. At this point in our trip we had been in and up a lot of lighthouses, and this one was not offering us anything we haven’t seen and done before. Perhaps we’re getting a little road weary and jaded….too much been there, done that.

The other lighthouse we went to was West Quoddy lighthouse which is the eastern most lighthouse in the US. I really did get confused at times…are we east or west or what?

I’m keeping this blog short and am sticking with the less writing but still plenty of photos. I’d like to catch up on my blogs. You may have noticed that there is a delay from when this blog is about to when it gets posted. As you fellow travelers know Wi-Fi can really vary with each campground and I do get lazy at times.

We’re still going to stay on the coast for one more stop, but are opting not to head further south, as we had originally envisioned. Our next stop is Bar Harbor and then we will start heading inland...… and gradually homeward. I enjoy hearing from you whether it’s through the blog site or other forms of communication…thanks for your comments and the reminiscing about your trips to these locations. See you down the road!

Additional photos below
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Dining room windowDining room window
Dining room window

This is in the neighbors house, but the view and window were spectacular. The glass is over 100 years old and is rolled glass. Other windows in the house are more the wavy glass which was more common in that era.
East Quoddy LighthouseEast Quoddy Lighthouse
East Quoddy Lighthouse

We're still in New Brunswick on Campobello Island at the northern end of the island
Hazard SignHazard Sign
Hazard Sign

There were at least 2 of these. They wanted to make it clear the importance of timing and the dangers of trying to cross at the wrong time in the tide cycle.
Its a Dogs LifeIts a Dogs Life
Its a Dogs Life

This cutie had his own personal transport system. We didn't catch his name, but he certainly seemed content. The ladders would have been beyond his little legs ability. We heard that we were the 8th person to ask to photograph him.
George on one of the ladder/stairwaysGeorge on one of the ladder/stairways
George on one of the ladder/stairways

It wasn't just one ladder down and one ladder up. The photos don't show that there were a few different land masses between the shore and the lighthouse island.
Another warning signAnother warning sign
Another warning sign

By the time I could read the sign I was probably dangerously close....good thing it was a clear sunny day!
Sunset Point Campground signSunset Point Campground sign
Sunset Point Campground sign

The eastern most campground in the USA. It was next to Sunrise Motel...they were on the crest of the hill and we were down on the shore. I'm more likely to see the sunset than least not willingly.
Sunset from our RVSunset from our RV
Sunset from our RV

They were right....we did have a nice view of the sunset!
Lobster BenedictLobster Benedict
Lobster Benedict

This is what I had for breakfast...yum! The cook had a bandanna, long hair, lots of earrings and tattoos. This was not a costume...and he sure knew how to cook!
West Quoddy LighthouseWest Quoddy Lighthouse
West Quoddy Lighthouse

This is in Maine and is the eastern most lighthouse in the US. Yes the title is correct that this is West Quoddy lighthouse. Sometimes I felt we were doing the "Who's on first routine."

5th October 2012

Lynn, I sure enjoyed your blog of your trip! Thanks for doing it. Safe trip home. Connie

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