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June 27th 2006
Published: June 28th 2006
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Hello everyone. Let me just say that the whether this time in Canada is much much better. As you all know I left Germany on the 19th of this month for a little solo adventure and things are going swimmingly. I spent 3 nights in Montreal, the bi-lingral French/English speaking part of Canada in the province of Quebec, and had a very different experience to that John and I had 3 months ago. Its a shame i didnt get here a week later cos they where setting up for a massive jazz festival and i think there was something to do with the F-1 racing about to appen. Met some cool single serving friends and had a few nights on the town. The second night out and English bloke and i held the pool table at the local old school blues house all night which clearly frustraited some of the regulars. One team we beat 3 times in a row and would not shake our hands anymore after it. Granted the guy was so drunk he probably didnt realise i was holding my hand out but hey, a win is a win right?

It was a shame to be leaving the country that is hosting probably the biggest party in the world right now, the world cup, but the vibe was still very present in Montreal. All the sports bars were busy serving soccer fans beer and beer snacks, the streets where alive with dancing sports fans after a win with cars driving around with flags flying out the window. Maybe I brought a little part of Gemany with me?

So after 3 nights i cought a 3 hr flight to central Canada, to a little town called Rosser, Manitoba. Meeting Chelsea and Scott in the airport i was chauffeured to Chelseas home in the prairies. I thought Austalia was a flat county, this place is crazy. You could put a level anywhere around here and it would come up being plum, you can see for miles and miles. On Friday we went to see a CFL game which is like NFL but not as big. Was good to see a game of grid iron but those boys have got nothing on AFL.

On Saturday we jumped in a car with two of Chelsea's friends, Greg and Deanna, and went camping at Rushing Rivers. So cool to go camping with three Canadians and proper Canadian wilderness. A short walk from where we where camping was a lake, so we spent a good part of the time reading on the dock or jumping off into the water. At night we got the camp fire going and cooked our meal. I was introduced to the 'smore' that night. What you do it is golden toast a marsh mellow and 'encapsulate' it between 2 crakers and a few squares of chocolate. If it works well the choclate should melt making a melted choc marsh mellow sandwhich, yum.

Well that about brings me up to date. Hope all are well back home.



29th June 2006

korrect spellen
Hi pudd an john its fantastic to hear from you two blokes on your blogs on the world cup, wot a fantastic shot of the aussie rules footy spiraling above the sky-line, i think you could sell that to the afl except that the footy looks round. Yeah and pudd i saw your car the other day drivin down racecourse rd although the it took me a few seconds at first to realise that it was your old timer and that the bloke drivin it looked like history in the world cup advertisements until i took another look and realised it was dease too late he'd go ne but i took a final look in the rear view mirror ,oh and daniel your back tail-ligts out. Anyway yung puddin great to hear from you and by the way,John i think some of your letter writing ability is starting to rub off o n pudd he is definitely improving which leads me to say Pudd that i am about to give you a long shot English lesson. First it's weather not whether ,lingual not lingral,frustrated not frustaited although you probably are,were not where,caught not cought,plumb not plum, Australia not Austalia, crackers not crakers and chocolate not choclate got that hummmmm! hhhummmmmmm! sorry yung man but it got the better of me. Keep being terrific love DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and bob.

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