Churchill's Wildflowers - Part 3.

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August 3rd 2010
Published: December 24th 2010
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There has been some interest by a handful of our loyal blog-followers about the amazing wildflowers we have in this region. So, we have put together this collection of wildflower blogs with pictures and their local (Churchill) names.
Please enjoy the blogs.
Dave and Theresa...

Additional photos below
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Yellow rattle.Yellow rattle.
Yellow rattle.

Rhinanthus minor
Dry-ground cranberry. Dry-ground cranberry.
Dry-ground cranberry.

Vaccinium vitus idaea
Rush aster.Rush aster.
Rush aster.

Symphyotrichum boreale. Formerly - Aster junciformis
Erect primrose.Erect primrose.
Erect primrose.

Primula stricta

Botrychium lunaria
Late Yellow Locoweed.Late Yellow Locoweed.
Late Yellow Locoweed.

Oxytropis campestris
Fairy candelabra.Fairy candelabra.
Fairy candelabra.

Androsace septentrionalis Also known as the Pygmy Flower.
Common dandelion.Common dandelion.
Common dandelion.

Taraxicum officinale. Other taraxicum species in the area are Horned Dandelions, Lacerate Dandelions and Lapland Dandelions.
Northern commandra.Northern commandra.
Northern commandra.

Geocaulon lividum
Arctic bladder campion.Arctic bladder campion.
Arctic bladder campion.

Melandrium affine
Alpine goldenrod.Alpine goldenrod.
Alpine goldenrod.

Solidago virgorea
Elephant's head.Elephant's head.
Elephant's head.

Pedicularis groenlandica
Red cloverRed clover
Red clover

Trifloium pratence (possibly) Not native to North America but can be found in the Churchill area.
White Dutch clover.White Dutch clover.
White Dutch clover.

Trifolium repens (possibly). Not native to North America but can be found around the town of Churchill.
Broad-leafed fireweed.Broad-leafed fireweed.
Broad-leafed fireweed.

Chamerion latifolium (Formerly - Epilobium latifolium)
Cut-leaved anemone.Cut-leaved anemone.
Cut-leaved anemone.

Anemone multifida
Alpine bistort.Alpine bistort.
Alpine bistort.

Polygonum viviparum
Northern flixweedNorthern flixweed
Northern flixweed

Descurania sophioides

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