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October 12th 2009
Published: October 13th 2009
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In the willows.In the willows.In the willows.

Probably the biggest female I've ever set my eyes on!
Hey guys.
The highlight of the week this week was during a trip to the dump!!! It's not uncommon to see a big, dirty polar bear rummaging through the food scraps at the town dump, but I was super excited to see a wolverine! He (or she) was all straggly, gnarly and grumpy looking, and although the backdrop of plastic garbage bags and piles of Pampers wasn't visually inspiring, it was a very powerful experience! My first ever wolverine. So cool!

Buggy 17 got into a wee bit of trouble out on the tidal flats near Polar Bear Point. The driver (not me) hit a big rock (we speculate) and shattered the leaf spring centre pin, and as a result the entire rear axle moved about a foot back on the springs pulling the u-bolts back and popping the driveshaft out. The buggy was out of action! However, with a block and tackle and a couple of chains, we managed to get it straightened out and drivable, albeit, slowly and carefully! It was taken back to town and I believe it is now up and running again.

Out on the tundra things are getting white. We've had our
White spruce and tamarack.White spruce and tamarack.White spruce and tamarack.

The beauty of the yellow tamarack hides a rather sad and unfortunate past... The era of the Canadian Governments terrible treatment of the Sayisi Dene people.
first snows of the season and the temps are more negative than positive now. And the wind is howling as usual. The town is slowly beginning to show signs of insanity as the mass influx of tourists bellow through the usually deserted streets. Polar bear season has officially started, everyone is going stir crazy here...!?
Also, some ice has formed around the edge of Hudson Bay??? Curious??? It would be fantastic for the bears if there was an early freeze up, but it would suck for the tourism industry... I wonder???

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The Dene villageThe Dene village
The Dene village

This really is a terrible part of Churchill's (and Canada's) history! The treatment of the Sayisi Dene in Canada's north by the government is comparable to the holocaust! A small memorial stone and a few foundations are all that remain, from the days of mass segregation of the people in this area...?
Broken buggy 17Broken buggy 17
Broken buggy 17

The drive shaft has popped out and the axle has shifted back.
Out of alignment.Out of alignment.
Out of alignment.

Check out the rear axle!
Slipped axleSlipped axle
Slipped axle

The axles slipped back on the springs. causing the whole rear end to go out of whack.
Muddy roads.Muddy roads.
Muddy roads.

Driving in one foot deep, muddy clay.
A nice view.A nice view.
A nice view.

At least we had a nice view from the stranded buggy.
On with the chains.On with the chains.
On with the chains.

A couple of come-alongs (block and tackles) haul the axle forward.
A new style of U-bolt.A new style of U-bolt.
A new style of U-bolt.

Works perfect! Chains wrapped around the springs and frame to hold the axle in place. I felt very nostalgic from my days in Africa.

A single berry has survived the first few frosts and sub-zero temperatures.
Contemplating a closer look.Contemplating a closer look.
Contemplating a closer look.

He is seriously considering standing on his hind legs.

Against the side of our generator trailer. I also got a whiff of his breath!!!
Hi there Mr Bear.Hi there Mr Bear.
Hi there Mr Bear.

A close encounter.
Don't move the propane trailer!Don't move the propane trailer!
Don't move the propane trailer!

Protesting, he sets up a polar bear blockade.

8th January 2011
The Dene village

Pimple? Have you read “Night Spirits: The Story of the Relocation of the Sayisi Dene”?
9th January 2011

It's a Great read
Yes I have read Night Spirits! It's a great read and it is even more powerful if the reader is familiar with the Churchill area.

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