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October 3rd 2009
Published: October 3rd 2009
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Fantastic colours!Fantastic colours!Fantastic colours!

A lone white spruce tree stands on the windswept Cape Merry. The trees here all lean slightly to the south and have no branches on their north facing sides, due to the almost constant north wind (Krummholz effect).
Hi folks!
The north wind has been howling for a couple of days now. It is starting to feel like fall, but somehow the temperatures are struggling to get below freezing? Not that I mind, as I have a lot of work to do out on the tundra, I could do with a couple more weeks of warm (Relative for the time of year) weather.
Our mobile lodge has been hauled out to the wild and barren, windswept and bleak Polar Bear Point, and we've already had a group of 'campers'. Polar Bears International (PBI) had a group of students staying in the lodge, while seeing 'the land of the white bear' first hand they learned about how our changing climate and melting ice is affecting them.
Right now I am flirting between town and the lodge, but soon I will be out at the point for an extended time, working on some of the mechanical issues of the lodges.
There are bears everywhere now! It really has been a great year for them, lots of them and they are still big and round, which is super news! The mum and triplets are still fine, and they are still getting world
The fall at it's bestThe fall at it's bestThe fall at it's best

Among the rocks at Cape Merry.
attention, a Japanese newspaper actually published my pics in an article, pretty cool eh!

Additional photos below
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The Port of ChurchillThe Port of Churchill
The Port of Churchill

North America's only Arctic seaport.
Sunrise over a Tundra Buggy.Sunrise over a Tundra Buggy.
Sunrise over a Tundra Buggy.

Photo taken from the garage on the equinox.
Hauling the campHauling the camp
Hauling the camp

A convoy of seven buggies, each pulling a lodge unit.
Buggies hauling lodge units.Buggies hauling lodge units.
Buggies hauling lodge units.

The generator/utility trailer is closely followed by the kitchen/dining car.
Bunkhouse 1Bunkhouse 1
Bunkhouse 1

One of two bunk cars, with a capacity of 18 and 20 guests respectively.
Our team.Our team.
Our team.

Chilling out at the lodge after hauling it out and setting it all up. A long 15 hour day. George, Pat, Lorne, Tom, Kim, Shayne (not in picture), Robyn, Brittany and Reg. And not forgetting Diesel the dog! And me.
Back to townBack to town
Back to town

Driving back to town, without the lodges.
PBI photographers.PBI photographers.
PBI photographers.

This what happens when there's a bear outside your buggy!
A big girl.A big girl.
A big girl.

The bears are real chubby for this time of year. This female is in superb condition.
I found a fairy tale.I found a fairy tale.
I found a fairy tale.

Looking down is the only real way to appreciate the autumn on the tundra. It's a fairy tale land!
Caribou moss.Caribou moss.
Caribou moss.

A type of lichen, and the caribou's favourite food.

Very late in the season, and they taste great!

4th October 2009

Hi Dave, This is Lynne, Bernie's wife, we spoke at Xmas time. Aurore showed me the pictures of your camp and a lot of landscape and sceneries that you work in. The pictures are really nice of the scene and the "Bears". I don't think I could stay where you are very long, there is no Bingo. Your job looks very interesting. Anyways, got to go, hoping to see you and Theresa in the near future. Hi from Aurore, you dear mommy in law.
5th October 2009

How about a photo exhibit at the Aframe?
Hi Dave and Theresa.....Chris, Isaac and I really enjoy looking at your photos.....(Isaac liked the Theresa Crann(berry) photos the best! :) We would love to join you in in Polar Bear land someday. The photos and colours are fabulous and the adventure of it all has you both perfectly in the picture! Thanks for letting us share so much of your journey vicariously......Love to you both...The Giles' Family
2nd April 2015

Fantastic colours
Hi. I am from India. I loved your picture captioned as Fantastic Colours. It is really a fabulous picture. For that matter most of your pictures are stunning. Thanks. Your picture reminded me of our journey from Tawang to Bumla in Arunachal Pradesh.

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