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North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon October 2nd 2013

It's funny, when you start to head home, the need to be there becomes consuming. I packed up and started driving. Instead of driving 6 hours and then camping again en route to Ottawa, I drove straight through, 13 hours. I got there to the warm welcome of Louise, and surprisingly my son and his dad. We had a lovely dinner out and I had a welcome sleep indoors. Due to the need to reorganize and shop, I didn't leave Ottawa the next day until 2:30. I was able to drive to a camp ground I'd stayed in near the beginning of our trip, Samuel Champlain. I was driving back the way we had come, but now I was alone and I'd seen this landscape already. I was thinking that it would be a long hard ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon August 6th 2013

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Brandon, MB I go. You may be asking yourself; for a 'world' traveler like Ned, why on earth is she going to Brandon, MB. and more importantly why is she driving? Yup - you read correctly; I am getting into my little black beauty with the slightly dented rear end, and we are driving over 1150km to visit my best friend and her 7 year old daughter. Yikes. even that sounds weird coming from me. Driving, domestic and minors? Oh boy, she truly has lost her mind. Alas, as I get a bit older and my friends grow with me, so do their family dynamics and I am still the single, ahem, solo traveler and it is much easier for me to come to people vs the other way ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon June 7th 2012

Another great day of riding. Wx was about perfect, and we made good distance. Crossed the Canadian border with no difficulties. Again, not a great day for videos. For anyone that has been to ND, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Hopefully for all, us included, the scenery will pick up later tomorrow, or the next day. We stopped by Andy's HD in Grand Forks. I bought 4 bikes from there in the old days. Started talking with Denny (Andy's son), and we had a rememberance. Our memories remember the strangest things. He still has a picture of the 81 superglide I bought from him on his dresser. I wrecked the 11 June 83, but we both remembered stguff. Biggest issue now is picking a hotel to stop at. Neither of us are to picky, ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon April 11th 2012

Well only 9days left till i leave for france, i am excited, anxious, and a little bit nervous. I've decided to post some more travel info about my trip, so here is flight and hotel information. Going there Depart Winnipeg 10:30am arrive in Toronto 1:50pm Depart Toronto 5:30pm arrive in Frakfurt 7:00am Depart Frankfurt 8:45am arrive in Nice 10:15am Coming Home Depart Paris 11:00am arrive in Toronto 1:00pm Depart Toronto 4:14pm arrive Winnipeg 5:48pm (please note all times are in designated time zones) Hotels Busby hotel in French Riviera from April 21st to April 23rd Hotel Lou Cigaloun in Provence from April 23rd to April 24th Mercure Lyon in Lyon from April 24th to April 25th P&V Loc... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon April 5th 2012

It is April 5th/2012, i depart for france from winnipeg manitoba in 15days on April 20th/2012. I am writing a practice blog before i leave, this blog is going to follow my day to day travel from france as well as include many pictures so that my friends and family back home can see how i am doing. My itenerary Day 1: Fly overnight to France Day 2: French Riviera Take a walking tour of Nice With your tour director you will see: Vieille Ville Promenade des Anglais Day 3: French Riviera Take a tour of Monaco With your tour director you will see: Prince’s Palac Monaco Cathedra Monte-Carlo Casino Tour a French perfume factory in Eze Day 4: Provence Region Visit the Pont du Gard Take a tour of Nîmes Visit the Nîmes ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon August 1st 2011

I made it home in one piece yesterday. My parents (they had been on a trip to Toronto and flew home to Winnipeg on the same flight I was on after flying into Toronto from London) and I arrived home at 11:30PMIsh. I was able to go straight to sleep as I was exhausted and it was 5:30AM the next day for me. I hadn't slept since the night before as the flight was during the day in London time. I had a great trip. It was an amazing experience. I am already looking into potential trips for next summer. I was thinking of doing another Contiki tour called Road to Athens but, it (along with most tours I want to do) starts in London and it is the Olympics there next summer. I might go ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon July 10th 2011

Hello, This is my first time blogging for an audience other than my class with kidblog. I think this should be just as easy. I am looking forward to sharing my trip and pictures (if I am able to upload them). For those of you following the blog, please feel free to comment. Tomorrow is my departure day and I am excited and nervous at the same time. I am hoping to not have any issues getting around London by myself before my tour starts on Thursday. I am going to try and blog as often as I can. I bought a cheap netbook as most of the hotels have wi-fi Internet. Here is hoping that they do have wi-fi and that I have no problems with my adaptor (to charge my netbook). I can’t promise ... read more

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon August 6th 2010

agronomy  - the science of soil management and the production of field crops. O.K, so after leaving my parents in Lacombe on August 3, 2010 at 5:00 pm, we headed straight east, towards Saskatchewan. Went through Stettler and Castor. Mine and Rene's first home as a married couple was in Stettler. We lived in a little one bedroom apartment for only a couple of months before moving back to Lacombe. Roared through Castor. Mom and Dad owned and operated the Grey Goose Motel there for 5 years, so each of these places has some special meaning for us. Just after we left Castor we became "Storm Chasers". We drove right behind this rain storm for a couple of hours. Through Coronation and Consort we could almost always see the storm right in front of us. At ... read more
Going to Saskatchewan
Field of Flax
Saskatchewan Landing

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon June 9th 2008

Holy Moly, when it rains it pours!!!! Lots of people warned me about the boringness of the Prairies and they were right, although the ever changing clouds did provide some (!) entertainment...when we stopped for gas at one point we were told there had been a tornado warning but thankfully no spiral clouds came our way. We made it to Brandon, Manitoba after a long day's drive. Samuel did very well despite developing a cold:-( He was up a few times last night and went through probably half a box of tissues today but he's good and almost off to bed...having a little fuss at the moment but hopefully he'll settle soon. Anyways, we are all pretty tired so I think we'll sign off...nothing exciting to report really - all we did was drive today! All ... read more
bum change in back of car
"good pizza dad"
"okay give me more"

North America » Canada » Manitoba » Brandon July 21st 2007

A LATE arrival in Morden Saturday, 21 July 2007 This morning we loaded our gear & ourselves into Casper & headed to Cypress River, from where I was planning to cycle maybe 20 kilometres along the Trans Canada Trail before returning to pavement & the road heading towards Altamont. We were planning to stay in Morden, but that was about as far as I thought I could go for the one day. Bob, meanwhile, realized just before he dropped me off that he’d been expecting a parcel of mail from Ottawa, which had been sent quite a bit earlier in the week, and he’d neither heard anything about it, nor had he remembered to ask if it had arrived at the desk. So he & Panna were going to drive back to Brandon to inquire ... read more

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