Elk and Bears and Bison, Oh My! (by Jeff)

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May 30th 2016
Published: June 4th 2016
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I started this morning early after Kim’s phone, which was still on central daylight time, woke me. After pulling out at 4:38, I only drove 45 miles through the mountains until we needed to stop for fuel, but they were not yet open so we paused for a while until they were. During those 45 miles I only saw two other vehicles, both semis, and six elk. It was a very pretty drive through light snow to start and then clearing to grant me wonderful views of fog-shrouded peaks and glassy mountain lakes. After fuel, Kim was awake, but the boys remained in bed for another long while. By the end of the day the boys had finally gotten up and we had seen one moose, one grizzly bear, three black bears, five bison, many elk and many thousands of pot holes. One of those bison walked within arm's length of the camper while Kim and Cole were finding a cache and Liam and I watched the bison and listened to him grunt hello as he passed. On the road, some of the gravel construction sections had more dimples than a golf ball and some of those potholes could have passed
Mountain Portage RapidsMountain Portage RapidsMountain Portage Rapids

We came down here for a geocache and Jeff couldn't make the turn. He had to disconnect the Jeep, turn around and then reconnect. It was still worth it, though.
for small sand traps minus the sand. In the end, we did make it to Whitehorse along with a couple millimeter coating of road grime that tagged along on the Wrangler.


Miles Driven: 553

High Temperature: 65 - Teslin, Yukon Territory

Low Temperature: 32 - along Tetsa River, British Columbia

Geocaches Found: 7

Creatures Seen: (see above)

Approximate Yards Knit: 130

Conversation of the Day:
J: This would not be my engine of choice, not that I regret the decision to buy.
K: It's been a good trip so far, but I may be deaf by the time we get back.
J: What was that?

We forgot laundry detergent and softener.

We learned muffins do not get fluffy when baked while driving.

Unique License Plates Seen: California, Iowa, Yukon Territory, Oregon, Colorado, New Brunswick, Washington

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Snow on the MountainSnow on the Mountain
Snow on the Mountain

Wasn't this yesterday's theme?

I was a little worried about how Cole and I were going to get back into the motorhome, but the bison didn't really care all that much about us. We were a little too close for my comfort,though.

She was staying in the site next to us at Hi Country RV Park. She and her parents were on their way south from Alaska for a vacation. She was a very good dog and the boys l o v e d playing with her. They miss Dieterich and Ryan.

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