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March 13th 2014
Published: March 15th 2014
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It's my first time to see a park full of bare trees. It is so beautiful to me. I think I'd like fall even more. Or spring when the leaves and the flowers bloom! If I can afford it I'd like to see all of it. The scenery in this park I'm showing is so inspiring. Artists would never have a difficult time finding inspiration here. I love the different colors that I see. The brown grass... Read Full Entry

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16th March 2014

Growing up with scenery like this all around me and animals like bears and coyotes in our back yard, it all seems so boring. It's very cool to see someone from South East Asia coming and enjoying the topography in this part of the world as much as we enjoy visiting the tropics. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
25th March 2014

I am enjoying it a lot. Everything looks so different here and things are done differently. I've been learning a lot!

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