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May 17th 2012
Published: May 19th 2012
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Thursday - we drove a long way along the Duncan Dam. Saw a herd of wild horses and found out later one of the foals was only a day old. We drove quite high up the mountain but then walked for half an hour to a further 1000 feet. I found that hard going and there was a bit of moaning. If that had been at home I would have just said i can't do it but the alternatives were ruin the day for everyone else or get left behind with no bear spray. We stopped for lunch at a point 8000 feet up the mountain, I got an extra cookie for making it up the mountain. The views were amazing, With binoculars we could look down and see black bears along the river.

We saw 6 bears today along the roadside but all very timid and ran into the bush as soon as they saw/ heard us.

As we were eating dinner the dogs were running into the paddock barking then running back to the window as if to tell us something was there. The black bear we have named Kenny was in the paddock eating grass so we all bunched together and tried to get nearer but he bolted. Was up between 3 and 5am waiting for Kenny but he never came, think we had spooked him earlier. We did have a white tailed deer grazing outside our bedroom window though. Krustin doesn't like him as he comes and eats her tulips!

Friday - we leave Grizzly Bear Ranch and head to Gelana Bay to catch the ferry. 6-7 hour drive ahead of us to reach Lake Louise this evening. Before reaching the ferry we firstly saw a brown black bear only a couple of kms from the ranch. He ran off. We saw 3 different lots of white tailed deer but then just past Trout Lake City ( about 10 houses) we saw a grizzly bear with her 3 cubs. As we turned a bend they were crossing the road in front us. I was shouting "stop! Stop!" at Ian as he could have easily hit a cub and he was shouting "Camera! Camera!" at me. We got one shot of them running up the mountainside. Once she knew all he cubs were with her the mum stood up sniffing us. Quite amazing sight. Saw another black bear grazing at the side of the road but again he ran off as we approached.

After a 6 hour drive and a couple of stops we arrived at Lake Louise to snow and 5 degrees. Saw my first Alberta Black bear walking along the train tracks, hope he hears the train coming.

Photos still won't upload but I'll keep trying.

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