Hyder, AK to Dease Lake, BC

Published: June 1st 2010
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A bown bearA bown bearA bown bear

He was large and laying in the right of way. Seemed to be a little annoyed that we would take any interest in him.
Stayed the night at Camp Run-A-Muck in Hyder, AK. This campground was nestled in amongst really tall trees that I think were Sitka Spruce. Mosquitos were prolific! The town is at sea level and surrounded by mountains that are several thousand feet high. Makes for a very inpressive view. We made the run back out to the Cassiar Hwy and were again overwhelmed by the vistas, waterfalls, glaciers, and BEARS. In total today, we saw 10 black bears and one grizzly. The grizzly was already in the brush by the time Gena & I got there - - took several pictures, but the bear is hard to pick out in the brush, and so is not included here. Did get good pictures of some of the other bears. Road was really great until about 40 mi south of Dease Lake where it turned from a hot mix asphalt pavement to a double or triple surface treatment pavement (much better than gravel, but still pretty rough). Had several miles of dirt road that had been sprayed with a dust paliative (looked like motor oil!) and was really pretty smooth but would hate to have to drive on it in the rain! Saw lots more snow capped mountains. Trees are getting shorter. It is now 9:40 PM and the sun is just now going down behind a mountain to the west of us - - LONG DAYS. Tomorrow the goal is to get to Teslin, Yukon and the next day to Skagway.

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Hyder, AKHyder, AK
Hyder, AK

The people we met fell in the first catagory.
Old House in HyderOld House in Hyder
Old House in Hyder

This was probably a really swanky house in its time but now it appears to be abandoned - - Anybody looking for a fixer-upper?
Log Rafts in Stewart, BCLog Rafts in Stewart, BC
Log Rafts in Stewart, BC

Didn't see any sea lions resting on the log rafts.
Stewart Yacht Club SignStewart Yacht Club Sign
Stewart Yacht Club Sign

Really cool club house!
Canada's Bridge to NowhereCanada's Bridge to Nowhere
Canada's Bridge to Nowhere

Maybe to a boat if the tide comes in high enough
First Black Bear of the DayFirst Black Bear of the Day
First Black Bear of the Day

He was eating breakfast, but looked up when Gena whistled at him. He was only abour 15 ft away.
The tip of Bear GlacierThe tip of Bear Glacier
The tip of Bear Glacier

Notice the face that appears in the ice at the right end.
Black Bear Carrying a LogBlack Bear Carrying a Log
Black Bear Carrying a Log

Actually he was scratching himself on the log, but it sure looked like he was carrying it.
Iterrupting a Black Bear's lunchIterrupting a Black Bear's lunch
Iterrupting a Black Bear's lunch

He was munching on the greens along the road when we rudely interrupted!

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