My Sister's Wedding, White Rock

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May 24th 2006
Published: May 24th 2006
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Only minutes before the ceremony was to start, the rain began to fall. The guests were shown across the tracks into the pub and the bride to be was given one last chance to make a run for it.

Momma can boogy
In memory of her late Grandmother and name-sake, Katherine Dodd, my sister, in like fashion married on Victoria Day weekend. As with most weddings, I'm sure, there were a few mishaps. I for one forgot to pack my suit in the car and had to race home and fetch it. At the last minute rain began to fall and the ceremony had to be moved indoors. And when all were gathered and the music started to play, a train passed by outside the pub, drowning the violin player, throwing us all into hysterics. The bride stood still next to her father a few minutes but decided to continue. It was a long train and my sister was not to be outdone. Th cake was less than traditional. Actually, it was something out of a Canadian Bacon wedding. Later, during a sexy dance in the evening, Catherine snapped her knee bone while removing the garter belt with her teeth from Stephen's calf. There were some guests sadly absent and others who held a slight grudge. The no children request was difficult for some guests, namely the bride's new sisters-in-law. I'd been warned of the friction. The groom, Stephen is the youngest of four boys. Already the Godwyns had celebrated five marriages. This was the first, and probably the only one, for my family. The lop-sided show of enthusiam was a clear indicator of these circumstances. Catherine's old girlfriends sat with their husbands, all getting tanked and enjoying an evening of good laughs. I flirted with them and joked how I used to have crushes on some of them. And now they are mothers. Our family's closest friends were all there to help celebrate and empty the open bar.

The day before the wedding, My folks and I travelled out past Guilford to meet my sister's new in-laws. Stephen's father owns acreage where his boys all grew up surrounded with forest, a pond, gardens, an airstrip and a barn in which is housed a sesna. It was a lovely spot for a barbecue. It was also the first time my brother, sister and me had been together in almost four years. Trevor & Brenda, his partner since twelve years, showed up while Stephen's dad was giving the rest of us a tour of the grounds. Brenda, as always, was dressed in a fashionable east meets west design. My brother looked healthy

the violinist began, all rose for the bride to enter, she entered standing next to her father, then GATAN, GOTON, GATAN, GOTON, a train passed and continued its heavy iron sound for several minutes.
and happy. We all sat around, the beer drinkers and the winos, learning names and stories, playing with the dog, and seeing that the little ones stayed out of trouble. I was happy for my sister that she would be joining a big family and would have several nieces and nephews. Catherine is not Stephen's first wife. She commented that it took a while for his family to take her seriously. And no doubt it will take longer still to become welcome and immersed in traditions already set in place.

I wish Catherine and Stephen a life of happiness and adventure.

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in good times and what?in good times and what?
in good times and what?

Catherine & Stephen
brides maidsbrides maids
brides maids

Cathy & Erica
mum & daughtermum & daughter
mum & daughter

a very proud moment
the wedding cakethe wedding cake
the wedding cake

yes, it's a donut tree
sibling reunion after 4 yearssibling reunion after 4 years
sibling reunion after 4 years

me, Catherine & Trevor
dance floordance floor
dance floor

Mum & Dad cuttin a rug - better than what they usually cut

28th April 2007

Wedding bells
Kevin, you sister looked absolutely stunning. The wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun, despite the rain. Oh and I love the doughnut tree for a wedding cake. Classic! I hope she and Stephen have a beautiful marriage ahead.

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