Salmon Glacier (Hyder, AK) to Sechelt Inlet (Egmont, BC)

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September 17th 2018
Published: September 18th 2018
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So this isn't the glacier, it's the river caused by the glacier. The Fantasy tour is over and we're off on our own.

At the Hat Creek Ranch, I found this late 1800 bed warmer - called a pig. Quaint. So down to Squamish. Down being the definitive term. I didn't know that grades of 15% were permitted but we found them, along with more construction.

Being tourists, we toured the Brittania Copper Mine. Copper is so concentrate that blue crystals of copper sulfate could be seen on the walls of the mine. We had a gourmet dinner in Whistler, BC. Not being ski season, we avoided the one month wait for a reservation.

So we bypassed Vancouver and ferried (literally) to the Sunshine Coast. We missed the sunshine (i.e. still more rain) but found the Hidden Grove - a grove of old growth hemlocks covered in moss. Great hiking.

The motorhome picture is just to show that we can find some wooded campsites - this beauty at Earls Cove. It was called Earls Cove not because of one Earl but because the Earl family was so large. There were many Earls. These campsites are really dark during Kiowa's 4 am walk - just ask Stephanie.

The video (if it loads) is 20 seconds of the Skookumchuck Rapids. This is a strait that forces 200 billion gallons through on a single tide with speeds up to 17 knots and a wake of 6.6 feet. The only larger one is in Norway. The next picture is the rapids downstream and the final picture is looking peacefully (pacifically?) upstream. The kayakers go crazy here but alas, it's after labor day and they had to go back to school.

As of today, we're back in the US but have lacked sufficient wifi for the pictures to catch up.

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